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Nash Cybershot Throwing Stick

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  • Nash have been developing for some time
  • Formed from two carbon rails
  • New prototype throwing stick
  • It offers no wind resistance or weight
  • Takes the strain out of your arm
  • Throw baits out much further
  • Enables baiting with greater accuracy


Brand Nash
Colour Black
GTIN 5055108928737
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN T2873

More Info

Nash Cybershot Throwing Stick,Getting your bait from you to just the right spot to get that dream catch doesnt need to be a tiresome effort anymore as this awesome throwing stick quite simply makes any other obsolete. It will throw out baits further and more accurately at a rate that no others can compete with. It might look like its from the set of a new sci-fi film but in fact its the new prototype throwing stick that Nash have been developing for some time! Perfect for delivering that killer angling accuracy this throwing stick is a vast improvement on many others available on the market. Breaking away from the traditionally curved design of the majority of throwing sticks the Nash Cybershot Throwing Stick boasts a much more simplistic design being formed of two carbon rails. This completely minimises wind resistance making it easier to throw bait offering you improved accuracy with less effort so say goodbye to any strain on your arm! This stick can actually improve your time out on the bank as with this and the right bait youll be well on your way to getting that dream catch. Another added advantage of this throwing sticks design is the fact that its made of modular carbon/plastic construction. This makes it incredibly light to handle and highly responsive to your movement so you can treat it as an extension of your arm and get on and enjoy your angling experience. This lightweight construction really complements the unique design that cuts down on any potential wind resistance meaning this going to be one throwing stick thats light and hugely easy to handle. Thanks to this intricate lightweight design any risk of arm injury pain even tennis elbow or permanent arm damage has been permanently alleviated. The right throwing stick really can make all the difference for your success rates. Widely regarded as an absolute essential if you want to get top level carp accuracy levels are key with any throwing stick. Whilst practice will always make perfect the Nash Cybershot Throwing Stick is specifically designed to increase your accuracy giving you that edge over other anglers without even having taken it out of the box! Whilst being incredibly lightweight this throwing stick is by no means a fragile one.n Built of modular carbon/plastic construction this is a purchase that will prove its worth as this unique combination of materials will make it a long lasting durable throwing stick. This means that youll have plenty of time to practice and get to know it so both your skill and overall enjoyment of your angling experience is sure to increase! Giving a greater level of distance for your thrown bait than a catapult its still good to have that guarantee of accuracy. Part of this comes from the security youll have in using this throwing stick which features an ergonomic soft touch grip. Additionally provided with an adjustable wrist safety lanyard you can be sure that this is one throwing stick that will deliver on its promise to get that bait to new distances! Nash has been a brand that have consistently provided anglers up and down the country with products that deliver high levels of satisfaction and this latest throwing stick from the brand will prove no exception to this stellar standard. The original prototype was made by angler Kerry Barringer some years ago and was originally taken on by Martin Locke. However the idea still needed some refining in order to really take off. Nash took on the development and it has graced the angling world with a throwing stick unlike any other! Boasting a simple user-friendly design this throwing stick will send your bait to entirely new distances and soon youll be wondering how on earth you coped without it!"

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