You can have all the top-end fishing gear in your arsenal, but without quality fishing bait at the end of your line the chances of catching fish will be drastically reduced. Fishing bait ingredients and quality have improved dramatically over the years as our understanding has grown about the importance of certain nutrients in fishes' diets.

TackleTarts has a huge range of baits from a massive range of brands. It is often worth checking out some of our up-and-coming bait brands if you are looking for a change.

Fishing bait can be split up into consumable bait, this is items like groundbait, pellets, or boilies, to hookbaits like popups and wafters. On the other side of this are bait product which cannot be consumed by fish, like lures, flies and artificial bait

Whatever it is you are shopping for, TackleTarts will have it at the best prices.

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