Beginners Guide to Telescopic and Travel Rods

Telescopic rods are very versatile, easy to carry and affordable. This makes them great for traveling just like multi piece travel rods. Although there are pros and cons of both which this guide will cover and hopefully help you choose the best rod for you. 

There's many different fishing brands which now do telescopic rods including Fox, Shimano and Shakespeare. The material will play a huge part in both the price and durability of the rod. Typically telescopic rods with a low price tag will be created from fiberglass which is good for general float fishing or spinning for smaller species. 

However, they are a lot weaker than both multi piece and telescopic rods made from carbon. Although they are slightly more expensive they will last a lot longer and allow you to potentially catch some larger species too. 

It's also important to note that if you're using a freshwater rod for saltwater fishing it's best that you clean the rod and reel after sessions to stop them eroding from the salt.  


Telescopic Rods: A disadvantage to telescopic rods is that they can't fully retract making them more prone to damage. Typically sand and dirt will get trapped between the sections which can weaken and scratch the rod. Although there is no way to prevent debris falling inside the rod, taking the rod apart and cleaning each joint will prolong the life of the rod. Also due to all the separate joints of a telescopic rods they are more likely to break than a multi piece rod.

The size is great for taking it traveling and also works great for hikes. Due to their size they can be taken in hand luggage on planes which will prevent them getting damaged inside your suitcase. 

Multi Piece Rods: Multi piece travel rods are going to likely be the better option if you're looking to catch slightly larger species. Many multi piece travel rods are created from carbon which is stronger and lighter than fiberglass. Although carbon rods are more expensive, they can get damaged easier if they are not taken care of. The sensitivity is also better for carbon rods making them great for lure fishing. 


It's also important to make sure that you match the reel size with the size of rod you're using. Having the correct reel size will allow you to have a properly balanced rod and reel. Also if you're using the rod for spinning then you will most likely only need to use a smaller reel size such as 1000 or 2500 depending on the size of the venue. We have a Buyers Guide to Spinning Rods if that's something you're interested in.

Both telescopic rods and multi piece rods are great for traveling and like other rods, a higher price tag will typically have a higher quality build. Generally telescopic rods are only available in smaller sizes like 6ft. However there are some which will now extend up to 13ft with great test curves available. A great example of this is the JRC contact telescopic rod. Which is available in 11ft, 12ft and 13ft. This rod is great for mobile anglers as it can be compact while still having the strength to catch larger fish.


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