PVA Bag Guide for Carp Fishing

PVA stands for PolyVinyl Alcohol which is a water soluble material and can be used to carry bait into your swim while attached to a rig. Once a PVA bag has been casted out with your rig, upon impact with the water it will slowly start to melt and leave a small group of bait around your hook. 

There are three main ways PVA can be used including solid bags, mesh bags and PVA strings. PVA bags are best used when you're not pre feeding the area with loose feed and you only want a small patch of bait presented with your hook.


Solid PVA Bags enable a tight patch of bait with your rig and lead neatly tucked inside. They are available in different sizes, the smaller bags are better for longer distances with slightly less bait while the larger ones are great for a bigger patch of bait for shorter distances. 

The best way to attach a solid bag to your rig is by making sure the lead is tucked inside the bag with the rest of your rig and bait. By using an inline lead, the rig will be tangle free and ensures the bag stays with your rig till the bottom of the lake bed and presents the bait neatly around your rig.



  Mesh PVA comes wrapped around a tube, which comes with a compressor tool to push the bait through the tube and create a small tight bag of bait. The Tubes also come in different sizes, the larger tubes are for bigger baits, however the larger the bag the less distance it will cast. And the smaller bags are for small baits which can be casted at longer distances. 

  Mesh refills are also available so you don't have to buy a new tube everytime you run out of PVA. Most Baits can be used to fill a mesh bag as long as they don't contain water which will melt the bag. There are also PVA friendly liquids that can be added to either the inside or outside of the bag creating either a strong scent or a slight mist around your hook.

  Attaching the bag to your rig is simple, by simply putting the hook through a part of the mesh, twisting it and going through again will secure the bag and insure that it doesn't come off during the cast.



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