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Type of Fishing
Barbed, Barbless or Microbarb?
Fly Line (Weight Forward)
Bite Alarm Colour
Lure Colour/Type
Leaders Length (cm)
Leaders Length (m)
Weight (oz)
Hook Size
Holdall Length (ft)
Weight (kg)
Bedchair Adjustable Height (cm)
Floor Space (m²)
Rod Pod Weight
Rod Rest Head Size

The weight of boilies the air dry bag can fit

Air Dry Bag Size (kg)
Baiting Pole Length (ft)
Ground Bait Bowl Diameter (cm)
Riddle Diameter (cm)
Riddle Mesh (mm)
Rolling Table Boilie Size (mm)
Bivvy Weight Category
Length (cm)
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Fold Down Length (cm)
Fold Down Width (cm)
Bedchair Weight Category
Bedchair Length Category
Bedchair Width Category
Bedchair Height (cm)
Sleeping Bag Weight Category
Sleeping Bag Length Category
Volume (litre)
volume (ml)
Volume (pint)
Sleeping Bag Width Category
Bobbin Weight (g)

Whether this bivvy is classed as a 1 man or 2 man bivvy. A 2 man bivvy will be larger but heavier

1 Man/2 Man/XL
Lumens Range
Footprint (Width) (cm)
Footprint (Depth) (cm)
Brolly Size (cm)
Brolly Size (in)
Chair Weight Category
Seat Height
Clothing Size
Shoe Size UK
Shoe Size (euro)
Size (ml)
Length (ft)
Depth (cm)
Length (in)
Elastic Diameter (mm)
Elastic Length (m)
Length (m)
Seatbox Weight

The length of the anti-tangle sleeve

Anti Tangle Size (mm)
Bead Size (mm)
Breaking Strain (kg)
Breaking Strain (lb)
Weight (g)