Beginners Guide to Stalking

Stalking rods are a great way to get up close to the water and target visible fish near the surface. These rods are generally smaller than the average Carp rod as they don't need the extra length for distance casts. However, they still come with high strength and powerful through action allowing you to control and land large Carp from near the edge. This guide will cover everything you need to know about stealth fishing and offer some useful tips that might help you land your next target. 

The most important part when stalking for Carp will be locating them. Typically on hotter days they can be found near the surface and sometimes close to the margins. Some larger Carp also like to lurk around features such as overhanging trees, vegetation and lilypads. Polarized sunglasses can also help you spot fish much easier on bright days.

Also the time of year can play a big part in how well your stalking session goes. Although stalking can be done in the colder seasons like winter, your chances are greatly increased during the warmer summer months. 


When stalking for Carp there's a variety of baits that can be used. Typically the more commonly used baits are surface baits like bread and dog biscuits, although bottom baits such as boilies can still work. If you're fishing close to the margin then one of the best options can be bread. It's cheap and easy to obtain, however it doesn't last that long in the water and It's not great for distance but when free lining you won't be able to achieve a far distance anyway. However if the Carp are slightly further out then using a small dog biscuit can help you cast the little bit  further. 

If you decide to use bottom baits then a boilie with a few free baits around your hook can do the job. Although when stalking nearby Carp may get spooked if you're using a rig with a lead. 


While approaching the margins it's important to stay as quiet and hidden as you can. Carp can get easily spooked if they see a sudden shadow or hear close noise, especially the larger and wiser Carp. It's also important to stay focused and patient too and seeing the mouth of a Carp swallow your bait should be worth it.


For stalking Carp you can technically use any rod however if you will be moving around and casting often then carrying around a 12ft rod might not be the most beneficial. Typically for stalking most anglers like the rod length between 6ft and 9ft. The smaller rods can be lighter and are easy to hold while creeping through tight swims. Whereas the slightly longer rods may be a little bit heavier but can help you achieve some extra distance.  


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