About Us

TackleTarts is an online marketplace dedicated serving the angling community


To provide you, the angler, the widest range of tackle at the most competitive prices and industry-leading customer service through a network of UK tackleshops

Let’s face it, we all love getting new carp tackle almost as much as being on the bank, that knock on the doorbell when they delivery guy is there gives us the same adrenaline shot as a one toner on our Delkims. We have combined our many years of technology and retail businesses and our love of fishing and founded TackleTarts.

We are always striving to be better – we want to keep improving our offer and innovating in the market. We will remain open to feedback from both our vendors and customer on how we can improve our offer.

TackleTarts is an online marketplace dedicated to bringing the widest range of tackle, at the cheapest prices, from the best sellers


Personally, we could spend hours at our local tackle shops chatting away, lost amongst all the latest gear. There is something magical about stepping through that threshold – knowing that you will be getting knowledgeable and friendly customer service, and probably buying more than you initially set out to purchase.

Yet shopping online is so convenient. Therefore we founded TackleTarts, with the aim of blending the ability to get that “local tackle shop” feeling, with the convenience of shopping online.

TackleTarts enables the local tackle shop or supplier to sell directly to the angler in one convenient place, yet still offers the knowledge, great products, experience and customer service of the tackle shop, with the convenience, services and an extensive range of a large internet retailer.

The ability to specialise gives us unique advantages over other marketplaces. We list products on a single page, and tell you who is selling them. This means you don't need to go trawling through multi-listings. We also work closely with the sellers to make sure that our vision matches theirs - to provide the widest range of tackle, at the best prices coupled with best in class customer service

We also spend a lot of time making sure the listings are up to date with the latest information. We have a dedicated data team whose job it is to make sure each item of tackle is as feature-rich as possible to help you with your buying decision. We also regularly publish buying guides

In short, we are tackle and customer experience obsessed, and this has lead us to quickly becoming the largest dedicated online platform for tackle in the UK


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