Returns & Refunds

To request a refund or a return please do this through your customer account. For more information visit here

All of our buyers are protected by TackleTarts vendor policy and the consumer act of 2015.   This gives full protection for all purchases for faulty or unwanted items.  Many of our products sold are covered by manufacturer guarantees or by additional refund policies from our sellers.

For help with orders, please visit our dedicated order support page here

Faulty Items

  1. Satisfactory quality: The product shouldn’t be damaged or faulty when you receive it.
  2. Fit for purpose: You should be able to use it for what the seller says it will do (its purpose), whether that’s their statement when you buy it, or an answer to your question. For instance, a tin opener should open tins.
  3. As described: It should match its description when you bought it. For example, something sold as made of metal shouldn’t be mainly plastic, or clothes shouldn’t be a different size.

Please contact seller within 5 working days of arrival via the“contact vendor” form here as the fault appears.   Items can be returned directly to the seller and a refund processed with 48 hours of goods returned. 

Buyer is responsible for return shipping and keeping a copy of receipt and tracking number.   When the item is inspected and found to be faulty, the delivery fee will be refunded with product. 

Unwanted Products 

For any unwanted products or if you have changed your mind, you have 14 days to return the item to the seller.  Please request a return through your user account.  Refunds will be processed within 48 hours of goods returned.   Buyer will be responsible for cost of return shipping and recording tracking number for returns. 


Dispute Resolution 

For any reason this cannot be resolved directly with the seller please contact us directly, where we will contact both yourself and the vendor to resolve within 3 working days. 


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