Fishing with Wafters


Wafters are a great balanced hookbait and available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. A wafter is essentially a mix of the famous boilie bottom bait and a pop up. It has enough buoyancy to slightly hover over the bottom making it stand out more especially when using vibrant colours. The increased buoyancy also counteracts the hook making it easier for a fish to suck it in.

Although wafters aren't as popular as pop ups they are still great hookbaits and work in most situations. However if the bottom you're fishing over is covered in weed then the pop up would be a better choice. If you would like to know more about Pop ups then check out our Guide to Fishing with Pop ups.

The most common wafter shape is the dumbbell style which has been used in conjunction with many rigs over the years. A popular rig is the German rig which is relatively easy to tie and features the dumbbell wafter. Wafters are a great option if you are fishing over a flat bottom and can't get any bites with a pop up.


Just like other hookbaits, the colour and flavour can have an impact on how many fish you get on the bank. There's a wide variety of both flavour and colours on the market and it can be hard to choose one. Generally having a few flavours and colours available will help increase your chances as some fish might feed better on a certain colour that day. Sweet flavours like pineapple and strawberry are a popular choice for carp and work all year round and the best choice for the winter months.

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Many companies are now releasing their own take on wafters with more unique flavours and greater underwater durability becoming available. Below is a list of some popular and high quality wafters.

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The NS1 wafters have been designed with a toughened skin allowing them to last up to 24hrs in the water. These wafters are only available as 10mm x 14mm but come in hi-viz yellow, orange, white or pink. Also each tub contains fifty hookbaits lasting many successful sessions. These also contain a high level of the popular NS1 citrus flavour which has been tried and tested with great success. 

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These wafters from sticky baits are perfectly balanced to trick the most wary of carp. Available in three unique flavours including Peach and Pepper (Orange), Pineapple and N’Butyric (Yellow), Buchu-Berry (Pink). The wafters are well known for their great success and have multiple wafter ranges including more unique flavours like chocolate. 

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These balanced wafters from Mainline are highly attractive and available in three sizes including 12mm, 15mm and 18mm. The buoyancy has been perfected to allow the hookbait to fly into the carp's mouth and get a secure hook hold. Each container is 250ml holding up to 60 baits per tub.


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