Buyers Guide to Weighing Scales

Being able to weigh a fish and see if you have beaten your PB is a great part of fishing. Therefore having some weighing scales should be essential for most anglers. This guide will cover the different types of scales and tips on how to use them. We also have a Buyers Guide to Unhooking mats which covers everything you need to know before buying one.


The two types of weighing scales for fishing are analogue and digital. Making a choice between both digital and analogue will mainly be down to personal preference. If you prefer the more old school design then a dialogue scale could be for you. Dialogue scales also don't require any batteries to function. Digital weighing scales are becoming more popular and are great for an accurate and fast reading. 



It's important to make sure you weigh the fish correctly so you get an accurate reading and so that the fish is safe. For medium to large species like Carp the best way to do this is by using a weighing sling or a large unhooking mat. Typically weighing slings are light, however it's best to zero the scales with the empty sling before you weigh a fish. 

It's also important to make sure that any equipment the fish will be touching is wet to stop their protective slime coming off. Before lifting up the fish it's also important to make sure their fins are flat against their body to stop any damage to them. When lifting heavier species it's best to use either a weighing bar or tripod. If you're using either a tripod or weighing bar it's important to make sure they are secure so it doesn't fall while the fish is inside the sling.


Many modern anglers agree that digital weighing scales are the most convenient and great for all round fishing. Digital scales are more accurate as they weigh to the decimal. Some digital scales also have a bright background which makes it easy to read during night or low light. 

Digital scales come in different styles, the ones with a T bar design make it much easier to hold by hand. Some digital scales are also available with foldable arms which can make it easier to weigh the fish and they can fold back into a compact size.

When it comes to price both digital and analogue scales are similar. There are some expensive ones which can measure higher weights than the less expensive ones. Other than some of the advantages and disadvantages of both scale types it will mainly come down to personal preference. If you decide to invest in some expensive weighing scales it could be worth buying a pouch to protect them.


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These digital T bar style scales from Wychwood are great value for money and come in both 60 or 120lb options. The arms on the scales make it much easier to hold than regular scales. The scales have been created with a high impact casing and also have a built in night light display. These scales also have a condensation resistant screen and require two AAA batteries to function.

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If you're a fan of the classic dial scales these are a great choice. They come with a tough and shatterproof lens. Also the hook and hang point are crafted from stainless steel. These are also available in both 60 and 120lb variants depending on the size of fish you're aiming for.


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