A Guide to Fishing with Pop Ups


Pop Ups are a buoyant type of hookbait most commonly used when fishing for Carp. They are well known for their vibrant colours and a popular choice for a variety of fishing situations. 

Pop ups most commonly come in a boilie shaped form, however to give anglers a wider variety they also come in other styles like dumbbell, barrel and pillow shaped.

Pop ups are generally created from similar mixes as regular boilies, just with additional ingredients to create the buoyancy. A lot of companies usually use some form of cork, whether that be in a powdered form or a boilie mix surrounding a small ball of cork. 

Pop ups are also now available in artificial forms. However, They are unscented so soaking them in a mix overnight would add extra flavour, increasing the attraction.  


The rig you use can be determined by the type of ground you're fishing over and personal preference. The two most commonly used rigs for fishing with a buoyant hookbait are the Chod rig and the Multi rig. 



The chod is a great rig and used by many anglers when fishing with pop ups. It's important that the pop up is buoyant enough to hold the hook up and have a good presentation. The best way to check this is by dropping your rig in the margins and seeing how it looks. Not having the correct presentation with a pop up will be detrimental and have a big impact on whether or not you catch a fish. The chod rig can be fished over all types of lake beds including thick weed and is the best option if you don't know the type of surface you are fishing over.



The multi rig is also a very popular choice as it can be used when fishing with pop ups and bottom baits. It's also one of the most versatile rigs out there, allowing you to change the hook in a matter of seconds. The multi rigs height from the lakebed can also be changed easily by adjusting how far the putty sits from the hook. Also depending on the size and buoyancy of the pop up, the amount of putty will have to be changed. Testing the rig in the margins will make sure it has perfect presentation and you'll be able to fish with confidence.


The Carp fishing industry has a wide variety of colours to choose from and it can sometimes be hard to make a choice. Whether that be bright oranges and pinks to more washed out colours they all work and come down to the preference of the angler. Some anglers prefer using the same colour pop up as the freebies around the hookbait. Whereas others prefer having a bright pop up and think that this will catch the carp's eye and will go for it before eating all the freebies first. 

If the lake you are fishing on is heavily fished using brighter pop ups then the fish might be more wary. By using a more washed out colour it will make it look like the bait has been there a while. The best bit of advice is to test it for yourself. On the day they might not be feeding much and switching to a brighter pop up could lead you to getting a bite. 


Boosting pop ups is another way of adding extra attraction and could increase your chances. Some companies will have pop ups that come in a liquid and already soaked it in. However, this can also be done at home the night before. 

Although, it's important to keep in mind that once the pop up has absorbed the liquid it may not be as buoyant as it previously was. It's best to test the boosted pop up with your rig first and make sure the presentation is how you want it.


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