Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

Polarized sunglasses are a huge advantage to anglers during the summer months. Polarized glasses will significantly lower the sun's glare against the water allowing you to see through the water allowing you to spot fish and underwater features much easier. This is especially useful while fishing on more shallow waters as you'll be able to see the bottom.

If you're thinking about buying sunglasses for fishing then definitely invest in some polarized ones. Any colour of the polarized sunglasses will have a significant advantage over regular sunglasses. Normal sunglasses will lower the intensity of everything by the same amount, whereas polarized sunglasses can highly reduce the reflection from the sun above the water's surface.


There are three main types of lens materials for polarized sunglasses, glass, polycarbonate and acrylic. Glass lenses are generally the most expensive, however they have the best sharpness and scratch resistance. Sunglasses made from polycarbonate are super light weight and much cheaper, however they can scratch quite easily. Acrylic lenses are the best value for money and are great at blocking out glare.


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