TackleTarts Guide To Buying A Fishing Bivvy

Due to the large market for Bivvies, choosing a Bivvy that is tailored to fit your needs can be a difficult choice. Here at TackleTarts we try to make that decision easier by breaking down all the components needed to buy a suitable Bivvy. 

One of the first important decisions will be your budget. Fishing Bivvies can range anywhere between £60 to well over £500. Choosing a slightly cheaper Bivvy will be more compact and could be perfect for shorter weekend sessions. A cheaper Bivvy may also not last as long as a more expensive Bivvy due to the materials and construction of it. However, opting for a more expensive Bivvy would be better for them longer sessions with maximum comfort and space. 


After your budget has been determined, the next choice could be the size of your Bivvy. 1 Man Bivvies are perfect for solo sessions and will definitely suit your needs for extended stays on the bank. While a 2 Man Bivvy could be the optimal choice if you’re planning a session with a buddy. 

One of the current favourites is the 1 Man Fox Frontier Bivvy. However, if you’re looking for that larger size than a popular 2 Man Bivvy is the JRC Cocoon 2G 2 Man Bivvy.

CUM293i-480x_.jpg (480×300)        




Weight is also another factor to consider. If your stay on the bank is only going to be a short one, then maybe a lighter Bivvy like the Avid Carp Ascent Bivvy 1 Man at 10kg could be the choice for you. Although, If you’re planning on a long session and won’t be moving around, then a five bedroom detached house like the RidgeMonkey Escape XF2 Standard 2 Man Bivvy at 34kg could be for you. Depending on the distance of the swim from your vehicle, the weight and size of the Bivvy will be important in case the barrow you’re using will not fit the Bivvy.


A further component to choosing the correct Bivvy for you could also be Height. The average height of Fishing Bivvies range anywhere from 130cm up to over 200cm. So an important question to ask yourself would be whether you would like to stand up in the Bivvy or whether you’ll mostly be sat down. 

A great option for a taller Bivvy on the market would be the Fox R-Series Giant Bivvy 2 Man at 210cm tall. Whereas if you’re looking for something smaller than the compact Chub Vantage One 1 Man Bivvy at 135cm could be an option.

 Chub Vantage One 1 Man Bivvy


Many Bivvies also come with the option of an overwrap which is usually bought separately.. This is perfect for the colder days especially during the winter months. It will add warmth to your Bivvy while also providing a small extra space at the entrance of the Bivvy where you could keep anything that's wet. Additionally, overwraps will also help condensation build ups.

Alongside overwraps, some Bivvies will also have the option of different vents and doors, whether that be a clear plastic window to see outside on rainy days or a mesh window to maintain a cool breeze throughout the Bivvy while keeping out those pesky mozzies. 


Avid Ascent Bivvy


The footprint of the Bivvy is another factor to take into consideration. Is there enough space in the swim for the Bivvy you want?

When looking at a Bivvies footprint it is also a good idea to take into consideration the dimensions of a Bedchair in case it wont fit comfortably inside. 

Some Bivvies include a groundsheet which can be important if you’re thinking about an overnight session. Similar to overwaps a groundsheet helps insulate the overall Bivvy and the air temperature within it from the freezing temperatures on the ground, which is the coldest part of the Bivvy. 


The Hydrostatic rating of a Bivvy relates to how waterproof a Bivvy will be. The rating will usually be measured in mm and the larger the number, the more waterproof it will be. So during a heavy downpour a Bivvy with a higher Hydrostatic head will be the most beneficial. 

On our shop page these numbers have been organised into three categories, waterproof (3,000mm - 5,000mm), very waterproof (5,000mm - 14,000mm) and extremely waterproof (14,000mm+).

We know this can be a really tough decision for you, so we have created a wide range of filterable features on the Bivvy shop page to help you narrow down the range to a more manageable size. The features we have talked about above can all be applied.

Remember that at TackleTarts we are always here to help. If you have a specific question about a product you can post it on the product page, and our community of anglers will get back to you. If you have a more general question about fishing Bivvies head to our community forum page and ask!


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