Best Affordable Spinning Reels 2021

There's a wide variety of spinning reels out there ranging from entry level to more advanced and expensive reels. This list will include some of the best tried and tested spinning reels used by all types of anglers. 

A spinning reel is just a type of fixed spool reel. If you're still unsure what a spinning reel is and how it works check out our Fixed Spool Reel Guide. For spinning, the three main sizes of reels are 1000, 2500 and 3500. 


The size of reel you choose mainly depends on the venue and the size of fish you're going for. If you do spinning on smaller canals or rivers then you probably wouldn't need lots of line and would benefit from a lighter 1000 reel. 

If you're spinning on slightly larger canals and rivers Then a good midpoint is the 2500 size reels. These reels will also allow you to add a larger diameter line which will allow you to catch medium sized species like Pike. 

Typically the biggest reel size used for spinning is 3500. These are best used on larger venues like lakes and work great for using heavier lines to catch larger species.

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The Daiwa Ninja LT (Light and Tough) features some of the best components at a competitive price. This reel is a perfect fit for beginners and more experienced anglers. The reel has been created with graphite reducing the overall weight of the reel while maintaining its strength. Featuring an ATD drag system, this reel has a great pulling power while keeping a smooth feel retrieval. 

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The Shimano Sedona is a popular spinning reel designed with high quality materials at a great price. The reel features HAGANE gearing which provides great durability for a long time even under constant use. The reel is also available in three sizes, 1000, 2500, 4000 and comes with the choice of a single or double styled handle.

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The Mitchell Pro features a stealthy look with high performance and is great for most match and coarse fishing situations. The reel is equipped with nine ball bearings and a ratio of 5.8:1 for smooth and fast rotations. Also, The handle has been ergonomically designed for a perfect feel. The reel is available in two sizes, 300 and 308.

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The Shimano Nasci is a popular reel among many anglers. It's designed with Shimano's latest technology and is great value for money. The reel features an ARC spool lip with a varispeed oscillation to help reduce twists and improve the overall casting distance. The reel’s body has been created with XT-7 making it highly durable and a great all round reel. 


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