Bedchair Buying Guide

Bedchairs are a staple to an angler's comfort throughout a night session. Just like a mattress, they come in different sizes with different amounts of padding and it's important that it is comfortable enough for a night on the bank. 

Many fishing companies are now adding additional features to bedchairs like adjustable mud feet and legs for maximum stability and comfort. Bedchairs are also available in different sizes ranging from compact up to wide boys which are built for longer sessions and larger bivvies.

Whether you're after a firm and compact bedchair or a wide boy this guide will cover all the features you need to know before buying a bedchair and include recommendations of some quality bedchairs.



The legs and feet of the bedchair is one of the most important features as it will determine how it sits on an uneven surface and how sturdy it will be. Typically bedchairs will have a minimum of six legs, two at the head section, two in the middle and two at the end of the bedchair. In some more expensive bedchairs they are fitted with up to eight legs for extra stability. 

If you often fish on uneven grounds then its best to make sure the bedchair comes with extendable legs and adjustable feet to ensure you can sleep comfortably at the straightest angle possible


The frame of a bedchair will contribute to the overall sturdiness and weight. It's important that the bedchair is as sturdy as possible while maintaining a light weight which will help in transporting it to your peg. The best material in modern bedchairs that will achieve this is aluminium.


The mattress is the main part of the bedchair that will determine how comfortable it is. Typically the higher priced bedchairs will come with higher quality and softer padding. The padding can be either regular foam or memory foam and will likely be decided on the time you're planning to spend on the bank. It's also important to find a bedchair that has padding over the sides of the frame to make sure you aren't rolling into a metal bar during the night.



The JRC defender range is a great example of comfort at a lower cost. The bedchair comes with fully extendable legs and adjustable mud feet making it perfect for slightly uneven grounds. The mattress has been created from a high density foam and covered with a durable polyester.

61T2sgAiaKL._AC_SY450_.jpg (893×450)


The R series have a great range of sizes, in particular the more compact R1 style. This bedchair has been designed for maximum comfort. Featuring a lumbar support system to prevent sagging and sore backs. The padded mattress comes coated with a fleece lining which is one of the softer materials used within bedchairs. The bedchair is also great for uneven grounds while having extendable legs and adjustable feet.

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The Daiwa Black Widow has been created with a sturdy steel frame, weighing 9.2kg. The bedchair has six legs which are fully extendable and swivel mud feet making good for uneven grounds. The overall dimensions of the bedchair when fully extended is 210cm x 80cm making it a great choice for standard sized bivvies.

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