Buyers Guide to Fishing Seat Boxes

There's a variety of different seat box designs from more simplistic box designs to extendable and adjustable boxes with addable attachments. This guide will cover the main things to look for when buying a seat box and cover some of the benefits and drawbacks of using them. We also have a Buyers Guide to Fishing Chairs if seat boxes don't fit your style of fishing.

Seat boxes work in most fishing situations but are most commonly used for match fishing and anglers fishing with a pole or whip. The main benefits of seat boxes are the storage. Typically seat boxes are equipped with trays where rigs and other important tackle can be safely stored. When buying a seat box there's a few important features to look out for, these features will be covered below.

Typically the main drawback of using seat boxes is that you'll have to stand up to access some of the stored tackle as the seat is part of the lid. Also some seat boxes come with small sized draws which limit the type and size of tackle that can be placed inside of them. Although, the more top end seat boxes can have a variety of storage options allowing the angler to access them while sat down.


Having the choice to adjust the height of the seat boxes legs are essential for fishing on uneven grounds. Some anglers also prefer to lower the front legs so the box has a slight forward tilt which can give them more leverage when fishing with a pole. Having good sized mud feet will also help stabilize the seat box and stop the feet from sinking into thick mud. 


All seat box designs use the lid of the box as the seat and it's important to find one with a well padded and comfortable lid. This is a must if you're an angler who likes the longer sessions or just sitting in comfort. 


Some seat boxes come equipped with rod and pole holders however this is usually only found on the more expensive seat boxes. However, these attachments can be bought separately and attached to most boxes with a frame. Having somewhere to place the rod or pole can be useful when trying to prepare another rig or flick out bait with a catapult. Another attachment that can be bought separately is a footrest. These can help you stay dry and comfortable while being as far out as you need. 


There are also seat boxes created from a hard plastic usually with minimal padding on the seat. Typically these seat boxes also have straps and can be worn as a rucksack which makes it great for a roaming angler who wants to cover more ground. For example, this NGT Session Deluxe is perfect for any mobile angler who wants to take lightweight gear while still having somewhere to sit. These types of seat boxes are also perfect for beach anglers.



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