Buyers Guide to Carryalls

Carryalls are a great way to store some of your fishing tackle and gear. It keeps everything well organised and protected. This guide will cover everything you need to know about buying a fishing carryalls and accessory bags. If you're traveling light then it could be better to take a rucksack which will be easier to hold. We have a Buyers Guide to Fishing Rucksacks which covers all the different aspects to consider when buying one.

The first thing to think about when purchasing any luggage for fishing should be its purpose. Generally the larger carryalls are for long session anglers who have to transport lots of gear to their swim. Carryalls are a great place to store rigs, reels, cooking equipment and any other small to medium sized gear. They are also available with a variety of pockets which can help you keep your gear more organised.


Typically the more expensive carryalls are crafted from higher quality and heavy duty materials. It also might be worth looking for a carryall with a waterproof or heavy duty base to protect what's inside and to stop moisture seeping through. Also some of the cheaper carryalls can have low quality plastic zips which won't last as long as heavy duty metal zips. It mainly comes down to how often you'll be using the carryall. If you fish often and carry heavy gear then investing in a more expensive carryall that will last a lot longer might be the better option. 


Depending on whether you use a barrow or not it can be important to have comfortable straps. If you have to carry the bag some distance then you're going to want a carryall which comes with a shoulder strap. Having a shoulder strap will make it easier to carry and be more comfortable than with your hands. For more comfort it's best to look for a strap which has good padding and isn't too thin that it'll dig into your shoulder. 


Accessory bags are great for keeping your tackle even more organised and protected. There are a variety of sized bags and some can come with accessories included. For example there are dedicated PVA accessory pouches which are fully waterproof and have extra compartments for things like scissors.




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