Fishing Rucksack Buyers Guide

There's a wide variety of fishing rucksacks available on the modern market. It can be hard to choose one that works best for you and your style of fishing. This guide will cover all of the important aspects to look for in a fishing rucksack and what types of rucksacks work better in certain situations. We also have a Buyers Guide to Carryalls if you're further interested in luggage.

As with most fishing items, the first thing to consider is going to be your budget. Typically a fishing rucksack can range from £40 up to the hundreds which are at the premium end of rucksacks. 


The next important thing to consider will be the size of the rucksack. Are you looking for a more compact and lightweight rucksack for covering a lot of ground? Or do you need a larger sized rucksack but still need to walk quite a far distance? Typically when buying a rucksack the dimensions will be stated in mm and the load capacity will be in litres. It's important to think about what you'll be placing inside the rucksack and whether you need the extra space a larger rucksack offers. Extra pockets will help you keep all of your fishing equipment well organised and won't have to scramble around in one section to try and find something.


When buying a rucksack for fishing it's also important to think about the type of material it's built from. Generally you'll want to look for a waterproof rucksack if you fish all year round. Also some rucksacks are available with a heavy duty bottom which makes it easier to clean and stops any moisture seeping through the bottom of the bag. 

There's a variety of colours for rucksacks. While fishing it's important to blend in with the surroundings so you're not spooking all the fish away, which is important when stalking or lure fishing. The best colours you can look for are darker greens or camouflage.



One of the most important things to think about will be the overall comfort of the rucksack. Typically the higher priced rucksacks offer more padding in the back and straps which can increase the comfort for the angler. Also if you're planning on walking far distances then it could be better to look for a rucksack with wider straps rather than thin ones. Wider straps can help distribute the weight better, whereas thinner straps can dig into the shoulders making it uncomfortable for long walks. Some rucksacks like the Speero Rucksack shown above are also available with extra clips at the front to support the straps.


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