Top five best ready tied carp rigs

Ready tied rigs are a great addition to your tackle whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner. Having a few ready made rigs allow you to quickly change them with the hassle of making a new rig from scratch. Below is a list of five popular and effective ready tied rigs for carp fishing.


1. KORDA MULTI RIG        

The Korda multi rig has become popular during modern times due its versatility. It is a simple and really effective rig to use. This rig is most commonly fished with pop ups, however it is just as good with bottom baits. The rig's hooklength material is coated braid, making sure the rig kicks away from the lead and preventing tangles. Due to the design of the rig, hooks can be easily changed without having to tie any knots. 



The Fox Edge ready tied are great bottom bait rigs and have a wide range of styles. Coming in different breaking strains, hook size and hook shape. Each pack contains two ready made rigs, including bait stops and swivels. The rig also comes in two colours, weedy green and gravel brown. A downside with this range is that all the hooks only come in micro barbed, so if you're looking for only barbed or barbless, this might not be the rig for you. 





The ESP chod rigs are great for fishing with pop ups. Each pack contains three ready made chods. Available in four sizes, hook size 5 and 6 are tied to a 20lb bristle filament and sizes 7 and 8 are tied to a 15lb bristle filament. Due to the slightly shorter rig length, the pop up will sit closer to the lake bed and is great for fishing over sand, gravel and slight weed or silt.



The Avid zig rig range is available in two lengths, 8ft and 10ft which can also be adjusted to any depth you would like. Zig rigs are great, especially during the warmer weathers when the carp are closer to the surface. Each pack contains one fully tied rig including 11b low diameter line and a size 10 hook. These rigs also come with a tail rubber, a zig grub and a lead clip so you will have everything you'll need to start fishing with the zig. 



The Korda KD rigs are another really popular choice when it comes to ready tied rigs. Available in both barbed and barbless with a 28 degree in turned eye and a sweeping shank this rig creates amazing hook holds. The rigs hooklength is made with N-trap coated braid and is also available in sizes 6, 8 and 10 making it a great choice for many occasions of carp fishing.


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