Buyers Guide to Fishing Chairs

Whether you're a beginner or experienced angler, having a comfortable chair will make your sessions much more relaxing. There's a variety of styles and sizes to choose from depending on the type of fishing you'll be doing. This guide will cover what to look for when buying a fishing chair and help you find one that's best suited for you. We also have a Buyers Guide to Bedchairs if you're interested in night sessions.

The budget and type of fishing you do will be the first things to consider when buying a fishing chair. Chairs have a wide range of prices and the more expensive chairs are available at larger sizes with more padding and comfort. If you're a Carp angler and typically spend most of the session sitting down then you'll want to opt for a more comfortable chair. On the other hand, if you're typically moving around from swim to swim then opting for a slightly more compact and lightweight chair could be a better choice.


Although fishing chairs are generally more expensive than camping chairs, they have a few more benefits. The first one being the colour. Typically camping chairs are available in bright colours which are easily visible and can spook wary fish. Whereas fishing chairs are typically available in greens and camo to keep you as hidden as possible.

The next benefit of fishing chairs is comfort. Generally camping chairs don't offer as much padding and support and can be uncomfortable when sitting for long periods of time. Some fishing chairs are also available fully adjustable allowing you to sit comfortably with a good posture.


An important thing to consider when looking at a new chair is its size. Some fishing chairs are available with different heights which therefore might struggle to fit inside your bivvy or underneath a brolly. However, some fishing chairs are now available with adjustable legs allowing you to alter the height to correctly match your needs. They can also come with adjustable mud feet which is great when placing it on uneven grounds. Fishing chairs are also available in different widths which could be another thing to consider if you would like to place it inside a Bivvy.

The padding and material of the chair are also important aspects to think about before purchasing a fishing chair. Typically the higher priced chairs will be available with more premium padding in all the right places, although there are still lower priced chairs with great comfort too.

The frame quality will affect both the sturdiness and weight of the chair. Typically less expensive chairs will be created from lower grade metals and therefore may not last as long as more expensive fishing chairs. Although, typically when a chair is crafted from higher grade metals it can make the chair slightly heavier. It's also important to look for a chair that can be folded down if you want an easier time transporting it, whether that be by hand or by using a barrow. If you're interested in barrows, then we recommend you check out our Buyers Guide to Fishing Barrows.


This Duralite chair from Fox has a great lightweight yet strong design. With a maximum height of 40cm and a width of 47cm it can fit comfortably in most sized Bivvies and Brollies. It's perfect for anglers who might want to carry more lightweight gear and can be folded down to a compact size making it easier to transport. The price tag for this chair is also on the lower end of the spectrum making it perfect for anglers with a slightly lower budget but still want comfort. 

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If you're an angler looking for maximum comfort and don't mind the higher price tag then this super deluxe recliner by Fox ticks all the boxes. This chair is equipped with a double layered foam back and seat covered with a micro fleece for maximum comfort. The chair has a unique spring loaded leg mechanism making it easy to adjust the leg's height. Due to all the extra padding and high quality metal frame the chair is slightly heavier than the average but this shouldn't be a problem if you plan on keeping it in the same location all session.



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