Rod Holdalls Buyers Guide

Carrying your fishing gear to your desired peg isn't the most enjoyable part of the session especially if it's a far distance. It's also important to make sure your rods and reels are well protected on the journey. The best way to do this is by taking a rod holdall. That way you're able to safely carry your rod, reel and other accessories to your swim. 

This guide will cover everything you need to know about rod holdalls and advice on buying one. We also have a Guide on Carryalls for your tackle box and other small accessories if you're interested.


The first thing to consider when buying a rod holdall is going to be your budget as there's a variety of different quality and prices out there. Although the more expensive ones will typically have more padding and extra features, there are still lower priced holdalls out there which will protect your rods enough.

It's important to match your rod size with the holdall. For example a 6ft holdall can accommodate both a 6ft rod and a two section 12ft rod. It's smart to match the size of the bag with the rod to prevent any slipping and knocking around, potentially causing damage. Also, if you're planning on keeping the reel attached to the rod while inside the holdall then it's important to check the belly section of the holdall. This is due to some holdalls not being able to accommodate big pit reels.


It's both important to have padding on both the inside and outside to protect the rods and also the angler carrying the holdall. By having more padding inside it will help keep all the rods in the best condition possible while transporting them. Also, if you're carrying multiple rods and extra accessories in the bag it can become quite heavy, so it's important to have padded straps as you don't want the straps digging into your shoulder.


If you're planning to store multiple rods in the same holdall then it's important to make sure they have dividers. Holdall dividers will prevent your rods from bumping and rubbing against each other potentially causing damage to both rods during transport.

Some holdalls will have extra pockets both inside and outside allowing you to carry extra gear such as nets or rod pods.


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