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Fox Rangemaster Plastic Throwing Sticks

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  • Designed to be a very robust throwing stick
  • CAD designed shape for maximum distance
  • Non-slip rubber handle Available in 20mm and 26mm
  • 20mm designed for 14mm 20mm boilies
  • 26mm designed for 20mm 26mm boilies


Brand Fox
Colour Brown
GTIN 5055350280911
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

Fox Rangemaster Plastic Throwing Sticks. Fox International has become one of the biggest brands in the angling industry and it is all down to its ethos of creating high quality, innovative, and high performance products which it has stuck to ever since its conception back in a small Essex workshop in 1967. Now, it is one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe that anglers across the globe put their trust in when investing in new terminal tackle. Its design team is full of dedicated anglers that want to create products that will truly make a difference down on the bank. One of their many successes is these Fox Rangemaster Plastic Throwing Sticks.These fantastic throwing sticks have been designed with carp anglers in mind, and would be a great asset to any fishermen that likes to target carp regularly. A throwing stick is an excellent tool to you if you are looking for a way to accurately distribute bait over a long distance. Accuracy also makes these throwing sticks incredibly desirable for many carp anglers across the globe; they can be used to hurl boilies out far into the water, and they will be delivered directly to your chosen carp. With this amount of precision and accuracy, you'll be reeling in the biggest carp in your swim in no time.One of the most innovative and helpful features of these brilliant throwing sticks is that they have been constructed from lightweight, flexible plastic. Unlike conventional plastic, this makes it easier and quicker to put a bigger bed of bait down onto your stick. Putting a few kilos of out can take a long time with heavier conventional plastic, but with this lightweight material you will be able to have your Rangemaster Throwing Sticks ready to go in no time, so you can get straight to reeling in carp. Not only that, but if you're using a heavier plastic version, tiredness will mean that you can sometimes be falling up to 20 yards short of the distance you're aiming for, but the lightweight properties of the Rangemaster eliminates this problem completely.If you're new to throwing sticks and you don't get the hang of them on the first try, there is no need to worry. These throwing sticks have been purposefully designed to be very robust, so you can practise your aim and improve your precision without worrying about damaging these sticks. You will be able to get used to them quickly, and then when you use them with bait, they'll still be in the top condition that they arrived in. Another superb feature of these throwing sticks is that their shape has been CAD designed shape to offer maximum distance. This makes them different and unique from anything other throwing stick and means you can throw these sticks even further, so you can reach even the furthest away of carp. This also gives you even more options down on the bank you can choose to throw the sticks closer to you or bite the bullet and throw it out the farthest you can. Either way, you'll be bringing in a catch thanks to its excellent precision and accuracy. Throwing sticks can sometimes be a challenge to chuck if you don't have enough grip, but this is not the case with the Rangemaster. It has been designed with a non-slip rubber handle so you can maintain a perfectly tight grip which will allow you to throw as accurately as you can and take advantage of its distance range.These Plastic Throwing Sticks are available in 20mm and 26mm. The 20mm has been designed for 14mm and 20mm boilies, whilst the 26mm has been designed for 20mm and 26mm boilies.

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