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Daiwa Infinity Evo Throwing Stick

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  • Curved Carbon Technology
  • Two diameters: 22mm and 25mm
  • Ultra-lightweight to achieve longer distances
  • Makes arm ache a thing of the past
  • Supplied with padded case


Brand Daiwa
Colour Green
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

In carp angling and coarse fishing, throwing sticks provide an effective way for you to get your boilies as far out across the swim as possible; even a master caster like Terry Hearn might struggle to effectively cast bait out to every possible part of a large swim, and most of us, sadly, are not even close to being in Terry Hearn's league. So, the boilie throwing stick, like this Daiwa Infinity EVO Throwing Stick, is the order of the day.Featuring curved carbon technology, and available in 22mm or 25mm diameters, this is an ultra-lightweight throwing stick that will scatter your boilies to the farthest reaches of any watercourse, saving you arm ache, and bringing the fish your way as long as you get your boilie trail right!This Daiwa throwing stick is supplied with a padded case that offers complete protection during transit, and while in storage. Lobbing boilies as far as you can is an excellent carp and coarse fishing tactic, and a fun way to pre-bait likely spots during the coarse fishing close season (which runs from March 14th-June 16th), to get those cruising coarse specimens switched on to your bait before you head out after them at the start of the season. If your local swim happens to be a broad expanse of a long stretch of river, having a throwing stick allows you to walk the bank, casting your preferred bait far and wide all along the river course (well, as far as you feel inclined to walk!), before offering a good helping of the bait in the spot you intend to fish again, a throwing stick enables you to get that bait right out to the farthest bank, enticing lurking fish out of hiding, and onto your hookbait, once you return to the water for a fishing session. What's The Best Thing About It? Having an effective way to cover a lot of water with bait, without giving yourself arm ache from constantly trying to throw it out yourself, is a tactic that will almost certainly up your carp game, and a fun way to spend the coarse fishing close season, when you can't fish the rivers in the UK, but you can offer free feeds to get the fish used to the bait you prefer to use.

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