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Savage Gear MP Pro Rig Plier

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  • Strong and light multipurpose rig plier
  • Splitring nose, wire crimp jaws
  • Tungsten braid and line side cutter
  • Pouch and zinger included


Brand Savage Gear
Colour Black
Type of Fishing Predator
MPN 54937

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Strong and lightweight, these multipurpose pliers are great for all your predator fishing tackle tasks. Featuring a tungsten braid and line side cutter, these pliers can handle anything, from crimps to splitrings, to line that needs to be cut loose quickly, without losing their cut or grip, and without causing you pain when you're using them. A reliable angling accessory for any predator situation, from unhooking, to creating the perfect rig, these pliers come complete with a handy storage pouch, and a zinger. If you're new to angling, and wondering what a 'zinger' is, it's a highly technical term, meaning 'the thing that attaches things to other things, but is smaller, and cooler-looking, than a lanyard.' A good fisherman, or woman, can never have too many zingers!

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