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Fox Rage Power Grip Pliers

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  • Engineered to allow deeper access when unhooking fish
  • Double pivot points translate an even power from handles to grip point
  • Angled grip points for improved leverage
  • High-quality Carbon Steel
  • Silver finish
  • Soft-touch handles
  • 33cm length


Brand Fox
Colour Grey
GTIN 5056212137725
Type of Fishing Match

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Cliff Fox established his fishing tackle company Fox International in the 1960s in Essex, which is now one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe. With its ethos of innovative, high quality, performance products, it is no wonder that Fox International has become one of the biggest brands in the business. This comprehensive range includes everything from terminal tackle and quality rods to chairs and luggage. It is a company that is trusted worldwide wide, and they have expanded to explore different disciplines of fishing with ranges such as Fox Rage. This is a dynamic range designed with the modern lure angler in mind. It also features specific, clearly labelled products for catfish and baits anglers, to cover your entire predator fishing needs. The Fox Rage pliers pack plenty of power and control when needing to quickly unhook those big predator fish. Whether you are by the bank or in a wobbly boat, these pliers have a long length to allow for you deeper access when unhooking fish, whilst not losing any power of grip, giving you a great technique in dehooking a catch. The Power Grip Pliers are engineered to help you work on fish more easily thanks to the angled grip points that allow you to move with the fish, whilst improving your leverage against the hook. The pliers are made from high-quality carbon steel so there is no concern of the pliers snapping, cracking or being a short-term tool. These pliers will last.Another great feature of this tool is the double pivot points which translate an even power from the handles to the grip point, this is great for the fish, protecting their mouth as you take the hook out. To help with grip, Fox Rage included soft-touch handles so you can not only have some comfort in holding them in your hands but you can gently squeeze the pliers to grab the hook, without snapping part of the hook or hurting the fish in the process. So for an essential tool in your predator kit, get the best pliers for the job and unhook with the Fox Rage Power Grip.

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