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Vass Repair Kit For Waders

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  • Offers a neat and very reliable repair1x tube of Storrmsure Flexible Repair Adhesive2x mixed size patches for instant repairs
  • Fixes awkward splits and holes
  • The glue cures slowly and leaves a very tough flexible filmUse on leather, Gore-Tex, nylon, plastics, rubber and polyurethane
  • The film will not crack in freezing temperatures
  • The glue is completely waterproof
  • The cured glue will have better abrasion resistance


Brand Vass
Colour Black
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN 41671

More Info

Vass Repair Kit for Waders.Replacing a pair of top quality waders can be expensive and there is nothing worse than discovering a leak in your waders when you're on the bank and having to spend all day suffering in the damp and cold. With this repair kit from Vass, which has been designed with boots and waders in mind, this never needs to be a problem again! Not only is this compact repair kit ideal for making instant repairs on the bank, it is also perfect for making more permanent repairs off the bank and away from the water's edge.In order to ensure that this repair kit stands up to your incredibly high standards, Vass has teamed up with Stormsure. Stormsure is a brand which specialises in wet-weather repairs and it is most famous for its specialist glue. This glue has been designed for repairing flexible waterproof fabrics, making it the ideal brand to use for making repairs to boots and waders. This glue will not crack in sub-zero temperatures, is completely waterproof, and often offers a better abrasion resistance than the original material! Able to fix onto leather, Gore-Tex, nylon, plastics, rubbers, and polyethene, this glue is ideal for fixing minor rips or tears in your Vass boots and waders.Nothing is worse that noticing a small hole in your boots or waders especially if you don't notice until you're submerged in the icy-cold waters of your angling venue. Whether you're fishing in one of the UK's finest coarse fishing rivers, carp fishing waters, or sea fishing anywhere around the UK's coastline, being cold and wet can be a real dampener on your experience. In order to remain focused on the thing that matters - your angling - you need to be dry and comfortable. This is where the Vass Repair Kit comes in, allowing you to patch up your gear at the water's edge so you can get your rods back out quickly and confidently. Then, once you're home, you can make a more permanent repair using the instructions supplied with the kit. It really is that simple!Featuring eight mixed sized patches, you are able to make instant bankside repairs with ease. Simply locate the source of the leak and patch over for a quick fix that will see you through the rest of the day. This is an ideal solution for repairing rips and tears on flat surfaces. For more awkward holes and repairs on seams or stitching, you can use the specialist Stormsure Adhesive. To make a permanent repair, all you need to do is locate the damaged area and cover with masking tape. This ensures that none of the adhesive leaks through and gives a completely clean finish. Next, simply turn your boots or waders onto the reverse side (if possible) and squeeze the sealant over the damaged area. The Stormsure Adhesive is slow curing, to ensure a perfect fix, so you will have to wait up to twelve hours for the glue to completely cure before you continue with the repair. Once you are confident that the glue has completely dried and sealed the offending damage zone you can remove the masking tape from the outside of the boot or wader to achieve a flawless finish. If you find you need to make any additional coats, replace the masking tape and repeat the process until you are confident that the hole or rip is entirely sealed.Although this system has been designed by Vass for use on their boots and waders, it is also ideal for making repairs to your bivvies, brollies, and other shelter solutions. You can even patch up your waterproof jacket with this Vass system!

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