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Sensas Mini Atomiser 500ml

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  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Brass nozzle
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for spraying ground bait and pellets
  • Easily fits in every bag
  • Can be pressurised for easy use
  • Ideal for mixing your bait
  • A must-have for those warm summer days


Brand Sensas
Colour Green
GTIN 3297830088668
MPN 8866

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Sensas Mini Atomiser 500ml,

Giving your bait the right amount of water is essential for a perfect presentation. The Sensas Pression Atomiser Mini gives a nice and even spray thanks to the adjustable brass nozzle. It is easy to clean and the compact size means it will easily fit in every bag. A must-have for those warm summer days of for mixing your bait at your spot.

Handy spray for keeping your groundbait mixes and top up leams perfectly moist

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