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Dinsmores Economy Tripod

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  • Hosting 3 robust, durable alloy arrow pointed legs
  • Ideal accessory for gear stability on the toughest of banks
  • Adjustable legs and a collapsible frame for storage
  • The tripod adjusts in the centre
  • Holds a universal fitting zinc top to attached your equipment


Brand Dinsmores
Colour Grey

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Established in 1973Dinsmores is one of the leading brands of match and coarse fishing tackle in the UK. It is a long-established company that is dedicated to the designdevelopment and manufacture of innovative productsall of which are produced at its own plant in Aldridge West Midlands. Dinsmores pride itself on reacting to the customers requirements of anglers in the UK. From fishing nets to sinkersDinsmores has you covered for pikecarp and more.When it comes to choosing the right tripod for the right shot of that mega carp you just caughtit is important to consider the sturdinessset up speed and durability. You may not always use the tripod for a camera and so the strength of this device holding bite alarmsrodsetcis vital to ensuring your kit is secure.Perfect for the lone anglerthis carp tripod from Dinsmores allows to remove buzz bars and use the tripod for a camera tripod when you need a self-take shot.The Dinsmores Economy tripod is affordable yet strongmade from a robust strong aluminium for its legs which is not only cheaper than many carbon tripods but the heavier weight will offer maximum stability for your money.Hosting 3 robustdurable alloy arrow pointed legs; the Dinsmores economy tripod is an ideal accessory for any fisherman who's looking for gear stability on the toughest of banks. With adjustable legs and a collapsible frame for storagethe tripod adjusts in the centre and holds a universal fitting zinc top to attach your equipmentsuch as a compatible buzz bar that would allow you to securely hold three-bite alarms or rodsmaking an idea rod pod system.The tripod has leg lock into place using twist locks. Twist locks take up less space and are generally a little quicker to use as you can often unlock all the leg sections in a single movement when youre setting the tripod up. The tripod comes to 30cm (12 inches) tall and can be adjusted to the height you require. The legs are all adjustable so you can adapt the tripod to the level of the terrain. Ideal for when having a tight-knit swim that is on a steep gradient.The central boss of the tripod also provides adjustable anglesso you can adapt to the height whether it be leaning towards the frontback or side. Most tripods have legs that can be angled independently which is particularly useful when working on sloping sites or in cramped areas. The standard leg angle will be fine for regular usebut its often useful to splay one or more legs outwards on uneven surfaces or to rest them on wallssay. Splaying out all three legs will allow you to shoot from a much lower angle.The end of the legs also features metal spikes which are good for soft and uneven ground. The pointedsharp pegs legs mean they can be securely pushed into the terrain so minimise movement. This is especially effective when fishing in windy climates.The Dinsmores economy tripod is an ideal accessory for any fisherman who's looking for gear stability on the toughest of bankswhether you use need it as a bait waiterpole rollerrod rest or even a tripod of self-take photographyits multi-purposed make it a great piece of gear.So for a simple to useaffordable tripodlook no further than Dinsmores.

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