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Browning Fish Counter (With Clip)

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  • Keep on top of the exact number of fish in your net
  • Especially useful in the UK
  • Great when certain quantities per net are allowed


Brand Browning
Colour Black
MPN 9890 010

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Tell Me About ItDesigned to provide you with an accurate, easy-to-read running total of the number of fish in your net, this handy fish counter from Browning is essential at venues, and in disciplines, where bag limits are imposed, meaning you are only allowed a certain number of fish per net.What Discipline Is It For?Useful for all coarse anglers, this fish counter is highly recommended for match fishing.Why Should I Buy It?If you want to avoid running foul of venue bag limits, then this fish counter is an essential part of your angling arsenal, and should be top of your tackle list.Whats The Best Thing About It?Complete accuracy, which ensures that your angling is always compliant.

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