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Nash Pinpoint Precision Sharpening Kit

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  • 1x Precision Double Diamond File
  • 1x LED Eye Glass
  • 1x Sharpening Vice
  • 1x Finishing Files (2 plus handle)


Brand Nash
Colour Black
GTIN 5055108962007
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN T6200

More Info

Giving you a complete precision sharpening kit in a smart, travel-safe, securely zipped EVA case, the Nash Pinpoint Precision Sharpening Kit is the ultimate addition to any purchase from Nash's high quality, extreme performance Pinpoint range, all of which is designed and targeted to give you pinpoint accuracy, sharp, sure holding ability, and durability and once you've seen how well the hooks in the range achieve those ambitions, you'll want to keep them in the best shape possible, for as long as possible, which is why this sharpening kit includes everything you'll need to sharpen and restore your hooks.The kit contains a Precision Double Diamond File, which is professional grade, with a coarse, 400 grade side for sharpening your hookpoints, and a finer, 600 grade reverse for polishing them once you've sharpened them up, an LED Eye Glass, which enables you to see exactly what you're doing with pinpoint accuracy, a Sharpening Vice, to hold your hooks securely while you work on them, and a Finishing File to bring your sharpened hooks to the peak of performance perfection. Designed to ensure that all anglers, but particularly those involved in the carp and specialist fishing disciplines, benefit from the advantage of being able to sharpen, rather than replace, their tried and trusted hooks. This ensures that you're always fishing with tackle you know can perform, and that you feel comfortable with, which should give you a better, more productive session. The PinPoint Precision Sharpening Kit not only gives you better value for money, proving cheaper than purchasing the individual components separately, but the problem of how best to store and transport your hook sharpening tools is solved, thanks to the zipped EVA case that's supplied with this kit.Hooks can take a lot of punishment if you're an active angler, and, rather than hoping that your favourite brand of high performance hooks is still going when you need to replace them, this kit allows you to refresh and revitalise the hooks you already have, giving you fishing you can rely on.What's The Best Thing About It?The heavy duty EVA case makes this hook sharpening kit from Nash easy to store and transport, and ensures you'll have it all in one place when you need it.

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