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Nash Pinpoint Precision Finishing Files

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  • Essential for final touch up work after shaping
  • The Finishing Files smooth away burrs and edges
  • Helping to shape and polish the finished hook point
  • Each kit is supplied with two stones
  • One removeable, interchangeable handle


Brand Nash
Colour Grey
GTIN 5055108962045
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN T6204

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The perfect way to touch up your hooks once you've sharpened them to a high-performance point, these Nash Pinpoint Precision Sharpening Files will smooth away the burrs and rough edges of your hookpoints, shaping them to ensure a completely smooth hold and presentation. Supplied with two sharpening stones and a removable, interchangeable handle, this simple, affordable finishing tool should be in every angler's tackle bag. The perfect angling accessory for budget-conscious carp anglers, this kit allows you to renew, rather than replace, your hooks, saving you money in the long run, and ensuring you can keep fishing with your favourite tackle. For less than the price of a daily, high-street chain coffee during the working week, or two packs of quality hooks, you can have a tool that will help keep your hooks in prime condition for years to come. Small enough to fit easily into your pocket, this finishing tool is handy to have on the bankside, allowing you to optimise your fishing performance during your session.What's The Best Thing About It?A small angling tool which offers big performance, this finishing tool is great value for money.

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