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PikePro Forceps

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  • Long-nosed stainless-steel forceps
  • Perfect tool for unhooking predatory fish
  • 10inch length enables even deeply seated hooks to be reach
  • Fitted with moulded rubberised handles for extra comfort
  • This definitely make a difference in the cold


Brand PikePro
Colour Red
Type of Fishing Predator
MPN Q170

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PikePro Forceps,These long-nosed stainless-steel forceps are the perfect tool for unhooking pike and other predatory fish. The 10" length enables even deeply seated hooks to be reach. For extra comfort they have been fitted with moulded rubberised handles which definitely make a difference in the cold.nProduct UsagennClamp the jaws of the forceps around the shank of the hook and carefully push down to extract the hook. Alternatively if the hook is deep seated it may be easier to very carefully insert the closed forceps through the gill cover avoiding the rakers and turning the hook through 180-degrees to extract it."

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