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Sakura Phone Case

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  • Carabiner to Hook onto Other Items
  • Bankside essential
  • Holds almost any phone
  • Dimensions: 17.5x11x3cm


Brand Sakura
Type of Fishing Predator

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For the modern-day angler, a mobile phone is a bankside essential, giving you the ability to fire off some quick catch pictures, phone a friend to help you with weigh ins and decent photos, or simply call for someone to come and pick you up when your session's proved a write-off, and you're ready to go home.At 17.5cm x 11.3cm, the Sakura Phone Case is designed to safely and securely hold almost any phone, with carabiner hooks allowing easy attachment to belt loops or bags. Convenient, practical, and durable, the Sakura Phone Case is a common sense, practical choice for anglers of any discipline.Presented in Sakura's bright, bold branding, this is one mobile phone case you won't lose on the bank, and something that's guaranteed to create a striking style. A clear front allows you to easily use your phone in the case, ensuring ultimate, waterproof protection.

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