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Fortis XSR Binoculars

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  • Weight: 570g
  • Waterproof: 1m / 30 min
  • Unit Dimensions (mm): 144x127x53
  • Magnification: 8
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 42
  • Roof Prism: BAK 4
  • Lens Material: Optical Glass
  • Lens Coating: Multi-Coated
  • FOV (ft/m) 368.4/122.8
  • FOV (degree) 7
  • Exit Pupil Distance (mm) 17.81
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm) 5.16
  • Range: 8 x 42


  • Weight: 415g
  • Waterproof: 1m / 30 min
  • Unit Dimensions (mm): 125x110x51
  • Magnification: 8
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm): 32
  • Roof Prism: BAK 4
  • Lens Material: Optical Glass
  • Lens Coating: Multi-Coated
  • FOV (ft/m) 364.1/121.4
  • FOV (degree) 7
  • Exit Pupil Distance (mm) 14.8
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm) 3.9
  • Range: 8 x 32


Brand Fortis
Colour Green
Dimensions 12.5cm x 11cm x 5.1cm
GTIN 5060421280592
Size 8 x 32
Type of Fishing Carp
Weight (g) 415g

More Info

With the XSR, Fortis set out to build the ultimate angling binoculars Designed to provide the angler with pin sharp vision for even the furthest of casts, the Fortis XSR Binoculars are vital for all anglers looking to locate their quarry, whether it's fish showing at extreme range, or evaluating bubblers at 50 yards. Designed with clarity, durability and weight at the forefront of their development, each pair is tank tested and submerged to ensure they are fully waterproof, and nitrogen filled to prevent fogging. If you like Fortis' range of polarised sunglasses, you'll love these binoculars. Built for the dedicated angler, the XSRs are designed to fit specific angling requirements. All factors have been thought of, from clarity to weight, venue sizes to casting range. The first number (8) refers to the magnification;? how many times closer an object will appear when looking through the binocular compared to looking at the same object with the naked eye. The second number (42) indicates the diameter of the objective lens (the light-gathering lens) in millimetres. Consider this general rule: low magnification provides a wide field of view and is easy to hold steady. So although a magnification of 10, 12 or higher is available, 8-power binoculars are the optimum magnification for hand held use without the aid of a tripod. The XSRs are the ultimate tool for performing in tricky conditions, the lack of shake making them ideal for boat work. If you're fish spotting at dawn and dusk, the 42 millimetres of objective lens allow plenty of light, so you can capitalise on peak feeding times. Perfect for any angler who wants to see the whole range of their venue, and spot exactly what the fish are up to, and where they are, the Fortis XSR Binoculars are a fantastic angling accessory from a brand that specialises in helping you see deeper, and, in this case, further. If you're an angler who likes to keep detailed notes on the swims you fish, these binoculars will help ensure you can build up a full record of fish activity, and plot the best swims to target.? For new anglers, who may not be experienced enough with fish habits to spot subtle signs of activity, these binoculars give you the best chance of seeing the fish you want to target within minutes of arriving at the bank. What's The Best Thing About It? The Fortis XSR Binoculars 8 x 42 are perfect for handheld use, making them an ideal option for active anglers who like to stay on the move.

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