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Reuben Heaton Scales Various Types

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  • Digital: 135lb x 1oz
  • Digital: 33lb x 1/4oz
  • Digital: 66lb x 1oz
  • England: 60lb x 2oz
  • Scotland: 60lb x 2oz
  • Specimen Hunter EVS: 60lb x 1oz
  • Specimen Hunter: 120lb x 2oz
  • Specimen Hunter: 30lb x 5oz
  • Specimen Hunter: 60lb x 1oz
  • Standard: 60lb x 2oz
  • Wales: 60lb x 2oz


Brand Reuben Heaton
Digital or Dial Digital
GTIN 5060570490712
Scales Capacity (kg) 61kg
Scales Capacity (lb) 135lb
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN RH7060TP200

More Info

Reuben Heaton Scales For over 150 Reuben Heaton has been synonymous with top quality handmade tackle, and for the past decade Heatons scales and weigh slings have dominated the market as the brand to trust. If you ask an angler to tell you about their favourite catch, chances are that the first thing theyll tell you will be the weight of their catch. This puts a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the company producing the scales, not only to produce accurate scales and weigh slings but also to produce products that will stand up to lifetime of angling. Reuben Heaton is more than happy to shoulder that responsibility, and for the past decade had produced an exceptional collection of top quality scales. From classic rotational scales, to tubular balance scales, to digital scales, Reuben Heaton produces scales that suit a variety of budgets and preferences. Whether youre a traditionalist who likes to be able to separate the ounces for themselves or you prefer to let the electronics do the job, Reuben Heaton has a scale for you. And with scales available for less than ?10, you dont have to have a large budget to figure out the weight of your catch. Suitable for all fish, the scales Heaton produces allow you to weigh well over 40lb, making them perfect for carp anglers. Of course weighing a fish depends on so much more than a good set of scales, and Reuben Heaton also produces a variety of weigh bars and crooks. These allow the scales to hang freely, giving a more accurate reading, and are perfect for the mobile angler. Reuben Heaton is a truly Bristish company, and is proud that all the products it has released have been produced in the UK. The company remains based in the Warwickshire, and all their tackle in produced in accordance with their British heritage. If you would like any additional information about any of the Reuben Heaton products we stock, give our customer services team a call and they will be happy to assist you.

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