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Reuben Heaton 7000 Series Digital Scale

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  • Available in 30kg and 60kg
  • Tough polycarbonate body
  • Stainless steel hook and hang point
  • Waterproof IP56
  • Dustproof
  • 50 weight memory capacity
  • Large easy read LCD display (45mm x 25mm)
  • Active display back-light function
  • 9v main power source
  • Separate memory backup power source


Brand Reuben Heaton
Digital or Dial Digital
Scales Capacity (kg) 30kg
Scales Capacity (lb) 66lb
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN RH7030 TP200

More Info

Reuben Heaton is one of the longest running tackle companies in the industry; it was established way back in 1857 and has been a pioneer for high quality, innovative terminal tackle ever since it first began designing products. It soon became famous for its superb quality and exceptional engineering, which it is still well known for today. Whilst it has many other brilliant products, these digital scales are what the company is most famous for. The majority of its business is now taken up by scale manufacture and weighing equipment production, making these scales some of the most tried and tested weighing scales on the market, perfect for any avid carp angler. Just one of the excellent features on these digital scales is its tough polycarbonate body. The general toughness and strength of this material helps to protect these scales from any premature wear and tear, to make sure that they are long lasting and durable. The benefits of it don't stop there; polycarbonate is also highly waterproof, giving these scales a waterproof IP56 rating to be exact. When you're down on the bank there is no question of whether your gear is going to get splashed, and Reuben Heaton has ensured that these scales are prepared for such a situation. They are also dustproof, making them resistant to just about anything you may encounter on the bankside.The entirety of these scales has been manufactured to prevent any damage from the elements that you would naturally encounter as angler, because they have been designed specifically with angling in mind. The hook and hang point have both been constructed from stainless steel, making them hard wearing and offering superb corrosion resistance which is essential if you're a sea fishermen. These digital scales have been manufactured for the purpose of practicality and durability, and thanks to Reuben Heaton's huge amounts of experience, they succeed easily.For the majority of carp anglers, the weight of the carp is the most important part of the catch. With these scales, you will be able to store the weight of your catches with the 50 weight memory capacity. If you happen to be the forgetful type, then these scales will do the remembering for you. Thanks to this brilliant feature, you can quickly and easily compare the weight of your current catch with your previous catches and see which venue has the biggest fish across your sessions. Depending on the fish, they will weigh up to 30kg/66lbs or even 60kg/132lbs. You can be assured that the weight given is accurate as it weighs in 25g/1oz increments which provides outstanding accuracy.Making these scales easy for any angler to use has been a huge factor in their manufacture. They have a large easy read LCD display of 45mm x 25mm which has an active display back-light function, ensuring that you are able to read the screen in both low light and harsh light situations. So, if you happen to hear your bite alarm in the middle of the night whilst you're carp fishing, you can weigh your catch right there and then with no issues. It also has both metric and imperial options available so you can choose how to weigh your fish and quickly and easily switch between the two. Running out of power on the bank is probably an angler's worst nightmare, but the 9v main power source of these scales also comes with a separate back up power source so you will never run out of power at those crucial moments. You won't have to wait in suspense to fight out exactly what your latest carp catch weighs, you can find out immediately with these all-weather scales.

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