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Daiwa Mission Dial Scales

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  • Available in either 25kg or 50kg
  • These scales are a must-buy accessory
  • This small compact scale is exactly what you need
  • Swiftly and efficiently weigh your latest catch
  • Great for sea, predator or carp fishing
  • Can be used across the disciplines with ease
  • Available with two different maximum weights


Brand Daiwa
Digital or Dial Dial
Scales Capacity (kg) 50kg
Scales Capacity (lb) 110lb
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

The Daiwa Mission Dial Scale is a must-buy accessory. We all know the necessity of keeping a tidy bank and a small compact scale is exactly what you need when you want to swiftly and efficiently weigh that latest catch. Whether you are looking to do a spot of sea fishing, predator fishing or carp fishing, this handy little scale is the perfect tool for the job. Available with two different maximum weights either 25kg or 50kg this scale can be used across the disciplines with ease. The scale is of an outstanding quality that makes it durable, strong and hardwearing; perfect for any weather that the British countryside might throw at you. Grab some suitable clothing and you can go out in all weathers. Furthermore, its easy to read dial means you can easily and accessibly check the weight of your latest catch without worrying that you've misread. With social media these days, you're going to want to be able to accurately list the weight of your latest catch with a photo attached and with the Daiwa Mission Dial Scale you can do this with ease by quickly grabbing its compact form out of your pocket. We also advise that during transit to and from your location that you purchase a scale pouch with a padded interior and durable manufacture in order to protect your scale from any harm during travel. The scale is available in two models, 25kg (100g divisions) / 55lb (3.2oz divisions) or 50kg (200g divisions) / 110lb (8oz divisions). This means that you can choose the weight best suited for the type of fishing you plan on doing and you'll never have to worry about getting incorrect readings as you may from a scale with a dual needle rotation. The scale features a large, 25cm diameter, easy to read dial which will allow you to quickly measure efficiently the exact size of your catch. The entire scale diameter is 170mm which means that it is a compact, handy and easy to store device which will enable you to keep your boat nice and tidy as well as allowing you to boast to your friends about the exact size of the catch you had that week. These Daiwa Mission Scales operated on a spring loaded function (unlike the balance function of traditional scales). This means that your catch pulls down on the scale, it records the weight. You can then see on the dial that the small indicator which moves along the lines can easily give you an accurate reading. What's more, the scale has the option of seeing Kilograms or Pounds. So whichever you prefer new money or old can easily be measured. It also has a push button operation, allowing you to zero your scales in the confidence that you're always going to get the correct reading. Furthermore, the scales easy grip handle makes even the 50kg heaviest of fish easy to measure. Unlike digital scales, these scales do not require a battery, so you don't have to worry about being left on the bank with what looks like the catch of a lifetime only to discover that your scales are completely useless. Daiwa is a brand that you can trust to give you accurate readings time after time with this Mission Dial Scales.

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