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Sonik 12ft Dominator X Abbreviated Rod & Shimano Ultegra XTD Combo 1

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  • Abbreviated carp fishing rod
  • Various lengths and casting weights for tailored performance
  • 12ft and 13ft options fitted with 50mm ringing
  • Line Lay: Aerowrap II + Super Slow 5 Oscillation
  • Body Material: XT-7
  • Bearings: 4+1
  • Spool Material: Cold forged aluminium double E.I.
  • Waterproof Drag: Yes
  • Handle: Single machined aluminium


Brand Sonik
Front Drag/Baitrunner Front Drag
Handle Material Abbreviated
Rod Length (ft) 12ft
Rod Length (m) 3.66m
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

The Sonik Dominator X Abbreviated Carp Rods look good, and their shortened handles pack the extra power you sometimes find yourself in need of, especially when you're casting out heavy?bait?loads on larger venues, or handling lively, fighting fish at the top of the weight range.

With a classic matte black blank that gives an unobtrusive, low profile approach that you'll appreciate on those bright days when you're fishing crystal clear waters, the Dominator X is the rod range you need if your carp angling is all about keeping out of sight, and creeping up on your quarry, even when conditions shouldn't facilitate an unnoticed approach.

A 1K high modulus carbon weave gives a reliable yet flexible strength that feels balanced, and channels the flow of power through the blank, down to the multidirectional tip section, which gives you the sensitivity and responsiveness you need to keep on top of the liveliest session, and pick up the most cautious bites on pressured venues.

Available in a variety of lengths and casting weights, the Sonik Dominator X is an abbreviated carp fishing rod that's designed to work with you, providing exactly what your style of angling, and the conditions and venue you're fishing, need to succeed.? The 12ft and 13ft rods in the range are supplied with 50mm ringing patterns, backing up the power boost offered by the abbreviated handle. Presented in Japanese shrink wrap, the handle provides a reliable grip in any weather, and makes the rod comfortable to handle even on the longest sessions, and in the most challenging conditions.

Established in 1921,?Shimano?is a Japanese based company that started life creating cycling equipment, but diversified into the production of top quality fishing reels in 1970. As a company, Shimano UK, it is uniquely concerned with taking measures to preserve the planet's delicate ecosystem. It believes that fishing, as an outdoor, nature driven sport, is integral to this preservation. When you buy from Shimano you can be sure that the environmental impact of the product has been carefully considered, from conception to production.

The Shimano Ultegra XTD SPOD is a big pit reel which is specially designed for spodding or marker float fishing for carp. Great to pair up with that three?rod?set up, this spod reel ensures all that you need for spod methods rather than an over-complicated reel.

Adjusted to be perfect for spodding, Shimano geared the XTD Spod with 5,2:1 ratio, meaning a better retrieval speed of 124 cm per winch. There are three line clips to perfect the?line?lay which is assisted with the Aerowrap II and Super Slow 5 Oscillation from Shimano's technology.

The Ultegra SPOD XTD also sports a shallow spool because less line capacity is needed for spodding. There is also no spare spool to cut on expense for the angler and the body material is made from XT-7 with a spool material of forged aluminium double E.I. This not only provides a waterproof drag system but means it is capable of withstanding the miserable coldness of UK fishing in the cooler months.

To make this a comfortable reel, Shimano has gives the single machined aluminium handle an egg type knob instead of T-type for more grip.

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