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TF Gear DL Black Edition Spod Reel

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  • Dual braid-friendly line clips
  • Reinforced gears
  • Extreme-range casting spool
  • Durable - built for heavy-duty spodding
  • Perfect line lay - adds yards to any cast
  • Super-quick line retrieval
  • Capacity: 16lb-360yds/0.35mm-340yds
  • Ball bearings: 5 + 1
  • Ratio: 4.5:1


Brand TF Gear
Front Drag/Baitrunner Front Drag
No. of Bearings 5+1
Reel Gear Ratio 4.5:1
Reel Line Capacity (m) 305m
Reel Line Capacity (mm) 0.35mm
Reel Line Capacity (Yards) 340yd

More Info

TF Gear DL Black Edition Spod Reel, In case the name didn't give it away, the TF Gear Black Edition Spod Reel is a carp fishing reel built specifically for spodding. Its combination of inventive design and progressive technology make it a reliable, stylish yet affordable choice for the angler seeking a reel that will enable them to bait from long ranges whatever the conditions for years to come.?Spodding is a popular and effective baiting technique that involves using terminal tackle known as spods and Spombs, which are rocket or torpedo-shaped containers, to hold boilies or groundbait , releasing it as freebie bait - non-hookbait used to get the fish used to the bait and make them think it is safe to take - on impact with the water in which you have cast your rods. Spod reels need to enable quick casting and reeling in, allowing you to get large quantities of bait to where you want it rapidly and accurately.?Spodding places significant strain on reels because bait-filled spods and Spombs weigh more than rigs and because, while you may only cast your other reels once or twice a day during a session, you'll be casting and retrieving your spod frequently. This is why reels are specially designed for spodding; the gears of the TF Gear DL Black Edition Spod Reel are reinforced and encased in a tough body so that they have the staying power to withstand the stresses and strains of continuous spodding and Spombing. According to author, consultant and legendary carp angler Dave Lane, who co-developed the DL Black Edition range with Brecon-based high-performance carp and coarse fishing tackle brand Total Fishing Gear, otherwise known as TF Gear or TFG, this reel's 4.5:1 gear ratio is ideal for spodding. That's because the higher the ratio, the finer the gears, so if it's too high, spodding will strip the gears. But the lower the ratio, the lower the amount of line coming in with each turn of the handle, slowing the rate of retrieval and therefore the speed at which you can get bait where you want it to be.?Lane believes a spod reel should cast out well, have good line lay and solid retrieval and last for a long time; unsurprisingly, this TF Gear reel has been designed with that in mind. As well as its muscular gears, the DL Black Edition Spod Reel features an extreme-range casting spool that enables you to both cast further and retrieve more quickly, with the spool pulling in a significant amount of line with each turn of the handle. It also boasts 'perfect' line lay; line lay - the way the line spools onto the reel - has a significant impact on casting ability, and the impeccable line lay of this reel will add yards to any cast.?Whether you're looking to spod for the first time or you're a seasoned spodder, the TF Gear Black Edition Spod Reel is well worth thinking about when it comes to choosing a spod reel; with powerful gears, long casting range, excellent line lay, a sleek yet durable body and an affordable price tag, it would be almost unreasonable to expect more bang for your buck.

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