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Shimano Ultegra XTD Spare Spool

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  • Spare spools for Shimanos New Ultegra XTD Reels


Brand Shimano
MPN RD17613

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Shimano, established in 1921, is a Japanese based company with strong environmental ethics. For the first 50 years of the company's life, it created cycling equipment but diversified into the production of top quality fishing reels in 1970. The Shimano UK division of the company was set up shortly after, in 1988. As a company believes that fishing, as an outdoor, nature-driven sport, is integral to this preservation. When you buy from Shimano you can be sure that the environmental impact of the product has been carefully considered, from conception to production.


The Shimano Ultegra XTD Spare Spool is fitting for the series of Shimano's Ultegra XTD Reels and is great to keep on your for when you are having a bad day at the bank and your braid blows up or snaps. Many reels do not come with a spare spool and not taking an extra one with you just incase a nasty snag happens can be devasting for the session.


Shimano spare spools leave this haunting feeling behind as you can be in the middle of an epic monster fish battle with a spare spool loaded up with braid, sitting in your rucksack ready to be called upon.


Carrying a shimano spare spool also means that you are able to use the same spinning reel with a couple of different breaking strains or makes of braid to test out on your reel at the bank.

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