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  • Lightweight
  • graphite frame and side plates
  • Forged and machined long stroke aluminium spool
  • HT-100TM carbon fibre drag washers
  • 5+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Line capacity rings
  • Two line clips
  • Manual bail arm; Slow Oscillation; Rotor Brake
  • Machined aluminium handle
  • Saltwater resistant.

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Brand: Penn
Type of Fishing: Sea
MPN: 1420653

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About Penn Surfblaster II Spare Spool

Featuring a forged and machined aluminium body, these spools, available in 7000 and 8000 sizes, are specially designed for the Penn Surfblaster II reel. With graphite frame and side panels, and shielded, stainless steel ball bearings that ensure completely smooth running, and full protection from salt clogging and damage, the Surfblaster II is Penn's most popular sea fishing reel.The reel itself has line capacity clips, to ensure you never inadvertently overload the spool, two line clips, giving you complete control over any fish in play, ensuring you are easily able to keep it away from underwater hazards, no matter how rough the conditions, or how strong the surf, while a rotor brake, manual bail arm, and slow oscillation all come together to ensure you're completely in control of a smooth, flawless cast and retrieve experience. Capable of handling all angling eventualities, the Penn Surfblaster II is a highly recommended reel for anglers of any discipline, but particularly saltwater anglers, who need the performance, durability, and protection this reel provides. And, whatever reel you choose, having a spare spool immediately to hand is always a good idea, because, when you're having a good session with plenty of action, you don't want anything to spoil that.Giving you the perfect fit and balance for your Surfblaster II rod, the Surfblaster II reel ensures you never have to compromise on quality or performance, no matter what happens on your angling adventures. Penn is a world-defining brand, not least because, following the sudden death of its founder, Otto Henze, in 1948, the brand was taken over by, and flourished under, a woman Henze's widow, Martha. For a woman to run any company in 1948, least of all a fishing tackle brand, was highly unusual, as society at the time was very much of the mind that women were unsuited both to business and outdoor pursuits. Fortunately for saltwater anglers everywhere, Martha Henze succeeded against the odds, creating a company with a lasting legacy for capability, performance, and innovation.

Key Features

Brand: Penn
Type of Fishing: Sea
MPN: 1420653