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Matrix EVA Large Spool Storage Case

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Key Features:Designed to hold 24 Matrix EVA spoolsRobust moulded prongs to securely hold EVA spools2x foam pin cushions for storing unused pinsMagnetic locking mechanismRubber seal to prevent moisture intakeFully solid finish to protect against UV damageProvided with 24 Matrix EVA spools and super fine pinsCompact design L34cm x W12cm x H4cm


Brand Matrix
GTIN 5055350302118
Type of Fishing Match

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The Matrix EVA Spool Storage Case features a fully solid finish, which ensures complete protection against UV damage, which degrades angling accessories very quickly, especially when you're in the swim for several days in the height of summer. A magnetic locking mechanism avoids the wear and tear associated with standard locks and clasps, as they are opened and closed, sometimes roughly, in a hurry, several times a day over the course of an active session, while rubber seals keep everything completely water tight.
Supplied with 24 Matrix EVA Spools and super-fine pins, with two pin cushions to safely hold unused pins so that you're not at risk of pricking your fingers when you go to take out a spool, this compact case is ideal for competitive match angling, fitting easily into the pocket of a jacket or pair of waterproof trousers, ready to be grabbed quickly and easily while you're in the swim.

Robust, moulded prongs hold the spools securely in the case, so there's no risk of them getting damaged by being rattled around in transit, and, when you get to the bank and open up your spool storage case, your individual spools are exactly where you were expecting them to be. This ensures you never have to stop and look for the spool you need, and instead can simply glance and grab, which saves you time, and allows you to focus on the action in the water.

Committed to making angling life easier for the modern match angler by providing quality, high performance products that work to maximise catch rate and bankside efficiency, Matrix is a young imprint brand from the solid, dependable stable of Fox International, and brings the same intelligent design, precision manufacture, and bold, striking, instantly recognisable branding that has made Fox such a firm favourite on the carp circuit to the match fishing arena, adapted and adjusted to take into account the particular considerations of that sport, and the needs of the anglers who are involved in it.

A thoroughly modern brand, focused on the modern angler, Matrix has definitely landed with a splash, and looks set to make waves for all the right reasons. Certainly a brand to watch and one to invest in.

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