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Daiwa Reel Oiler

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  • Approved by Daiwa engineers for use on reels
  • Perfect for applying to small moving parts
  • Easy to use in small awkward locations
  • Regular use will increase the performance
  • This reel oil will keep your reels in tip-top condition
  • Helps keeps those gears running smoothly and quietly
  • No annoying squeaking from your reels
  • Convenient clip to carry in your pocket or bag


Brand Daiwa

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Daiwa Reel Oiler

Keeping your reels in top working order is the only way you can ensure you have consistent success on the bank. Reels that perform subpar due to neglect or misuse are never going to produce the kind of results that high-spec high-condition reels can. All anglers' know there is nothing worse than a reel breaking on the bank and the financial implications of a worn-out reel can be painful on your purse strings. Luckily this is where Daiwa comes in. Daiwa has been producing top end reels for more than half a century, so if anybody knows how to look after reels its Daiwa.

Daiwa's Reel Oiler is filled with the same lubrication agent that Daiwa's engineers use when constructing the reels, so you can be fully assured that when you use this oil your reels will perform to their very best when you need them the most. Fitted with a unique ultra-thin needle, this Reel Oiler is ideal for lubricating small moving parts located awkwardly within the body of the reel. This Reel Oiler is small enough to fit in any pouch in your luggage or any pocket in your angling clothing, so you can always keep it close to hand for use when you feel your reel grating. It is fitted with a small clip, too, do you never have to worry about it falling out of your pocket or bag when you're searching for other tackle items. This means that you never need be caught short on the bank again.

If you want reels that last a lifetime then you need to take care of them. This Reel Oiler from Daiwa's reel experts ensures that your reel has an improved performance throughout its lifespan, keeping your gears running quietly without any annoying or fish-disturbing squeaking and smoothly.

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