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  • Traditional reel coasters
  • A simple way to fix your reel in placeJust screw down to lock your reel in position
  • Strong with comfortable plastic grips
  • Strong with comfortable plastic gripsWork best with multiplier reels
  • Available in 27mm, 30mm or 33mm internal diameter

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Brand: Breakaway
Type of Fishing: Sea

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About Breakaway Coasters (Saddle Clamps)

The ideal modification tool to not only ensure that your reel sits precisely on your rod but also to ensure that you can have a comfortable hold during your fishing, these Saddle Clamp Coasters from Breakaway are the perfect angling accessory for the dedicated angler. A wobbling reel is one of the most disruptive problems an angler can face on the bank. Not only does it disrupt the sleek line of your cast but it also causes no end of issues on your retrieve. Reels have been manufactured to be a rigid as possible, in order to allow you to push as much power through them as you like with maximum effect. If your reel is wobbling on your rod with each handle turn, a considerable amount of the energy you put in with each handle turn is lost in the unnecessary motion of the reel. For those anglers who tackle the hardest fighting fish this can pose a huge problem the Breakaway Saddle Clamp Coasters ensure you can maintain the performance of your tackle to the high standard you expect. These Breakaway Coasters are the most advanced on the market to date and even feature a contoured body to ensure complete comfort when you're using your rod and reel setup. These Breakaway Coasters are available in three different sizes: 24mm-27mm, 26mm-30mm, and 29mm-33mm. This ensures that that there is a Breakaway coaster to fit on all of your rods, no matter the diameter of your blank. These Saddle Clamp Coasters are suitable for all rod types, no matter the style of your rod butt. However, if you are going to use these Saddle Clamp Coasters with a shrink tube butt, Breakaway recommends using their Whopper Dropper Catapult Elastic wrapped around the reel foot (although any high quality catapult elastic will have the same effect). This ensures that the Saddle Clamp Coasters provide the reel with an exceptionally solid grip, as well as giving you greater grip during your cast.

Key Features

Brand: Breakaway
Type of Fishing: Sea