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Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel

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  • Lightweight
  • graphite frame and sideplates
  • Forged and machined aluminium spool
  • Dura-Drag washers virtually eliminate hesitation, even under extreme drag settings
  • Line capacity rings


Brand Penn
Front Drag/Baitrunner Front Drag
GTIN 31324203075
No. of Bearings 5+1
Reel Gear Ratio 6.1:1
Reel Line Capacity (m) 360m
Reel Line Capacity (mm) 0.46mm
Reel Line Capacity (Yards) 396yd
Reel Weight (g) 520g
Type of Fishing Sea
MPN 1206093

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Penn Squall Lever Drag
If you're looking for a modern high performance reel that operates with a unique lever drag system then you need look no further than this impressive offering from Penn. A brand famous for designing award winning big game and sea fishing reels, this Squall Lever Drag looks set to join the ranks of Penn's all time greats. Constructed from graphite, this reel is exceptionally lightweight, ensuring it will sit on any of your sea fishing rods comfortably. Not only this, but graphite is an extremely rigid material. This means that the frame and side plates of your reel will hold all your integral internal parts in precise position even when you're battling a hard fighting opponent. The gearing in this reel has a two speed system, which you can swiftly shift between with ease to ensure that you're able to tackle any scenario with complete confidence. Dura Drag is Penn's unique drag system. This is a fast acting drag system that ensures your cast and retrieve is precise. High in durability, as the name would suggest, Dura Drag offers a lifetime of super-smooth drag performance essential for hard fights against aggressive fish. In fact, many of the features of this reel are geared up for dealing with fighting fish and this reel is fitted with unique harness lugs. Often forgotten about, harness lugs ensure that your rod and reel don't do a disappearing act as the result of an aggressive take. The harness lugs on this reel are completely hidden from view, so they don't spoil the sleek look of the reel, and can bit flipped up for use. Line capacity rings ensure that you can see at a glance exactly how much line is left on your forged aluminium spool. This is ideal when you're involved in a brutal battle and you need to instantly know how much line you have left to play with. With six bearings the Penn Squall Lever Drag designed for hours of constant use and is ideal for the angler who likes to target a wide variety of the UK's saltwater species.

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