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PENN Mag4 Star Drag Multiplier Reel

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  • Extra strong stainless steel
  • CNC gear technology
  • Live spindle with free floating spool, making the spool totally free from restriction and drag.
  • Super smooth HT-100 star drag
  • Forged and machined aluminium spool
  • The magnetic braking system is now adjusted by a 'CS' Style Mag Knob - This makes it easy to adjust the drag to get the perfect setting for conditions on the day.
  • It also allows experienced casters to reduce the braking 'mid cast' to try and eke out those extra few yards
  • The graphite frame has extra strengthening between the reel foot and cross bars.
  • This adds rigidity and prevents the risk of any flex in the frame when under load or during powerful casts.
  • The handle is made from a heavier gauge metal to give extra strength, the soft grip T knob is comfortable to hold even with wet hands
  • The inboard spool bearing are premium oiled allowing the spool to spin freely on the floating spindle.
  • The ocean blue finish to the trim and spool give the reel a very classy look


Brand Penn
Front Drag/Baitrunner Front Drag
No. of Bearings 6+1
Reel Gear Ratio 6.1:1
Reel Line Capacity (m) 170m
Reel Line Capacity (mm) 0.46mm
Reel Line Capacity (Yards) 187yd
Reel Weight (g) 434g
Type of Fishing Sea
MPN 1524490

More Info

The latest addition to the ever popular Penn Mag range, the 525 Mag 4, promises to tick even more boxes in 2021 and ensure that this is the easiest to use Penn Mag reel to date. The 525 is the perfect size for all round beach fishing situations, but that does not mean it is limited to clean ground by any means.
The increased line capacity of the 525 means that heavier breaking strains of line can be used and this combined with improved gearing means it is the perfect reel for heavier ground work as well as uptide and light-medium down tide boat fishing applications.
The Mag 4 introduces a number of improved features

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