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Maver Signature Pro 900 16m Pole Package

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  • Black Suncore anti-friction surface
  • Slotted & bushed power kits
  • Magic Steps
  • Fusion
  • STER resins
  • Nanolith
  • Teflon joints
  • EVA clean cap system
  • 6x Powerlite power kits slotted & bushed
  • 1x Cupping kit & cups
  • Bi-conical mini extension
  • Fighting no. 4 section
  • Fighting no. 5 section
  • Weight: 790g at 13m
  • Weight: +250g at 14.5m
  • Weight: +530g at 16m
  • Elastic Rating: 20+ Maver Dual Core
  • No. of Sections: 9


Brand Maver
Colour Black
Length (cm) 1600cm
Length (ft) 52.5ft
Length (m) 16m
Sections 9
Type of Fishing Match
Weight (g) 570g
MPN B8505

More Info

Enhanced with a Black Suncore anti-friction surface this sharp classically-styled match fishing pole from Maver is designed for performance. Magic Steps technology which allows for the smoothest possible flow of elastic through the pole combines with Super Tough Epoxy Resin (STER) Nanolith construction; epoxy resin is the same bonding agent used in the construction of professional racing yachts so you can imagine the performance it offers competitive anglers of all abilities and levels of experience. Teflon coated Fusion joints give the pole a flexible core strength which allows you to expertly play larger fish whilst bringing small fish straight to the bank on a smooth sharp line accommodating for any runs that hard-fighting species such as F1s might make without putting any strain at all through your pole. The Signature Pro 900 is fitted with Fighting 4 and Fighting 6 top kits which are designed to handle the kind of sport that makes a tournament and which anglers of all disciplines desire, while six Powerlite power kits two match top 3 kits and two match top 4 kits ensure your performance never falls short even when you're landing larger fish and need a little extra in your action. A tournament cupping kit allows you to take your bait out to exactly where it's needed in the style and quantity you want to present while EVA clean cap systems give a functional durability that any high-performance fishing tackle needs and that match fishing in particular demands. A top-quality piece of high performance match fishing tackle this Maver Signature fishing pole is designed to give you the action you want even if you're a complete newcomer to the match fishing scene. Looking as good as it performs this is a pole that will set you apart from the minute you arrive at your venue and keep you in the position of an angler to envy throughout the stand out performance it allows you to achieve. Designed with impressive rigidity yet with the flexible strength you need in demanding complex play-in scenarios the Maver Signature range brings you fishing poles that are designed and constructed with performance at their very heart. Slotted and bushed power kits as well as edge-lending fighting kits are supplied with the pole with the power kits being ready fitted. This gives you a pole that's ready to fish as soon as you've added your choice of quality Maver elastic and ensures that your new Maver pole can live up to the performance standard its appearance and reputation have already set. At 16m this pole is designed to give you fantastic reach on all commercial venues whilst remaining effortless to handle while the fighting kits supplied as part of this dynamic pole package ensure that your fishing pole can withstand greater levels of stress giving you a quality piece of tackle that will last you for years. The unrivalled strength of this expertly-crafted match fishing pole sets it apart and makes it a genuine must-have for the competitive angler. Delivered through a combination of careful performance-focused construction Maver's standard Fusion joints system and the use of high-performance epoxy resin which was originally designed for racing yachts and speedboats this strength doesn't slow down your shipping and doesn't interfere with the handling of your pole. Bringing you everything you need and want from a quality reliable fishing pole through a dynamic blend of Fusion joints STER construction and intelligent focused design the Signature range is a top-flight performance tackle line that Maver should be more than proud to use as a signal for their desire to take on the likes of Daiwa and their commitment to bringing innovation and passion to the energy and engagement offered by match fishing.

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