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MAP TKS 601 3G Series 16m Pole

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  • Anti friction finish throughout for easy shipping
  • Depth markers on all kits
  • Sleek understated artwork
  • Fitted side pullers
  • Extra-long pure PTFE bushes fitted on all kits
  • Section alignment system
  • 1x Pre-Bushed DM Match Kit Fitted
  • 2x Pre-Bushed DM Match kits
  • 3x Pre Bushed DM Power Kits
  • 1x Rigid Cupping Kit with Cups
  • 1x Reinforced Mini Extension
  • 1x Pole Holdall


Brand MAP
Colour Black
GTIN 5022671429350
Length (cm) 1600cm
Length (ft) 52.5ft
Length (m) 16m
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match
MPN B9325

More Info

A pole that pushes boundaries and delivers exceptional performance for professional match anglers the TKS 601 3G Series 16m from MAP presents a 16metre pole built on a completely new mandrel and crafted from high quality Japanese carbon resins. A slender stiff pole the TKS 601 has the strength you need to succeed on any venue. 35% stronger than MAP's previous 901 the 601 is a new level of fishing pole design that's designed to give you the very best angling experience in all your match and tournament fishing with a core tackle piece that will last for many seasons to come and provide you with the practical touches you need to succeed whatever style of venue you're fishing and whatever species you come across during your session. Every top kit supplied with the 601 pole features a unique depth marker print allowing you to plot your swim accurately and get your tactics spot on for your target species and the conditions and venue you're fishing. The top kits on the TKS 601 are shorter than average at 7ft 10 and are supplied with extra-long PTFE bush and MAP side puller kit as standard.The MAP TKS 601 3G 16m Pole Package includes the 16metre TKS 601 pole which features section alignment a complete anti-friction finish throughout the pole for smooth fast and hassle-free shipping fitted side pullers and sleek understated graphics as well as two pre-bushed DM match kits three pre-bushed DM power kits two F1 short-shalla kits two short no. 3 sections a reinforced mini extension and a rigid cupping kit supplied with cups. These pole accessories provide the full range of match fishing possibilities and allow you to access the tactics you need to fish any venue and all conditions successfully. With the mini extension attached you gain that little extra reach which can make all the difference when you're exploring margins or fishing close to an island or feature while the cupping kit allows you to mix up a precise quantity of groundbait and deliver it right on target creating a trail of attraction from where the fish are to where you need them to be speeding up your session and giving you a better chance of coming out ahead. Supplied in a pole holdall for complete protection and a stylish arrival on any venue this sleek matte black pole from MAP is the central part of a comprehensive match fishing pole package that will appeal to professional experienced and dedicated match anglers who want the best tackle and are willing to pay for success.With a selection of top kits allowing you to create a pole that can handle any venue with elegant ease and the rigid strength that allows total control in all conditions as well as ensuring you have the power to bring every fish you hook into your keepnet this dynamic professional pole package is a must have for anglers looking to take their match fishing further. Order yours today and enjoy better sessions and more successful tournaments throughout your match fishing season.

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