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Daiwa Tournament Pro X 16m More Power

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  • Super MSG nanoplus
  • V-Joint
  • All kits cut and fitted with PTFE bushes
  • All No3 sections fitted with PTFE nose cone
  • Interlastic side puller on power kits
  • Integrated taping system on section 5 6 & 7
  • Diamond Satin slide easy paint on 8 9 10 & 11
  • Section Alignment System
  • Poles supplied with Holdall
  • 1x Match Top 4 Kits Fitted with 3mm PTFE Bush and No.3 Nose Cone
  • 3x Match Top 3 Kits Fitted with 3mm PTFE Bush and No.3 Nose Cone
  • 2x DILPK4.7-AU Fitted with 4.7mm PTFE Bush No.3 Nose Cone & Interlastic puller
  • 1x DILPK5.8-AU Fitted with 5.8mm PTFE Bush No.3 Nose Cone & Interlastic puller
  • 1x PHEX5
  • 1x Zoom Cupping Kit
  • 1x Pole Cup Set
  • 1x Holdall
  • Included with Pole + Kit package


Brand Daiwa
Colour Silver
Length (cm) 1600cm
Length (ft) 52.47ft
Length (m) 16m
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match

More Info

Nicknamed the Tourney Pro this Daiwa pole really reflects the iconic status of the trusted brand. If you're an avid match angler than it is essential that you get the very best from your kit then you need the Daiwa Tournament Pro X Pole with More Match Kit Package in your angling armoury. Not only do you get the incredible 16m Daiwa Tournament Pro X Pole in this package but you also get a fantastic kit package designed with match fishing in mind in this bundle. This really is the ideal pole package for the dedicated match angler and you'll be amazed at the way that this kit can transform your fishing.If you enjoyed the performance of the original Tournament pole then you will be blown away by this new re-mastered version. The Pro X is able to extend out to a full length of 16m so you will never feel restricted by the Daiwa Tournament Pro X Pole. Whether you want to target far out or close into the margin this pole package allows you to do it all. It is generally considered to be one of Daiwa's most impressive poles to date thanks to a full range of features and modifications this will have you beating all competition. The first improvement you'll enjoy is the new and improved shipping quality that the Daiwa Tournament Pro X Pole can offer. The Diamond Satin easy slide paint that sections eight nine 10 and 11 have been finished with. Every section ships through your hands like a dream thanks to the Diamond Satin finish whether you are shipping in or out you can easily and smoothly slide the pole through your hands feeling like an extension of your arm. The Tournament Pro X also features an improved fifth sixth and seventh sections of the pole. These have been modified with an integrated tapering system offering the perfect profile for a versatile range of uses across the match fishing spectrum. In addition the V-joint feature is made from Bias carbon wrapped at 45 and offers an improved curve and action of the rod under compression on the cast and the fight. The V-Joint's shape memory means the poles can pop back to the original manner. Supplied fitted with PTFE bushes that help guide the elastic through the business end of your pole and the included No3 nose cones makes sure to prevent wear and tear on the male joints of the poles. This kits also feature the interlastic side puller to aid in retrieval. Presented in sleek slate grey with a shimmering edge of power leashed and ready for action the matte black sections provide an eye-catching contrast whilst offering an unobtrusive action with virtually no shadow that won't spook the fish. All the poles supplied with a holdall to store and protect the poles when in transit. Another extra is the Zoom Cupping Kit which enables you to spread your bait efficiently into the depths of the scrum. So for a high-performing amazingly versatile top-grade pole kit look no further than Daiwa.

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