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Daiwa Air Z 16m More Power

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  • Hyper MSG and improved nanoplus carbons
  • Bias Carbon V-Joint
  • All kits cut and fitted with PTFE bushes
  • All No3 sections fitted with PTFE nose cone
  • Interlastic side puller on power kits
  • Section Alignment System
  • Diamond Satin on 8 9 10 &11
  • ITS on sections 5 6 &7
  • More Power Kit Pack
  • 2x Match Top 4 Kits Fitted with 3mm PTFE Bush and No.3 Nose Cone
  • 5x DILPK4.7-AU Fitted with 4.7mm PTFE Bush No.3 Nose Cone &Interlastic puller
  • 3x DILPK5.8-AU Fitted with 5.8mm PTFE Bush No.3 Nose Cone &Interlastic puller
  • 1x PHEX5
  • 1x Zoom Cupping Kit
  • 1x Pole Cup Set
  • 1x Holdall


Brand Daiwa
Colour Silver
Length (cm) 1600cm
Length (ft) 52.47ft
Length (m) 16m
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match

More Info

This Japanese brand began trading under the name of Daiwa in 1958 although it had been producing reels since 1955. The founder Yoshio Matsui was an avid angler that wanted to create the finest quantity fishing equipment on the market. This ethos has not changed in the past 60 years and Daiwa still aims to produce the most technically advanced fishing equipment in the world. Daiwa is a world leader in coarse carp sea and Predator fishing products.Perfect for the avid coarse and match angler this More Match pole kit comes can offer strength and rigidity to handle the rigours of modern-day commercial fishing whilst still remaining ultra-responsive when you land a catch. Daiwa's superior pole design knowledge and world-class consultants are what make the Air Z a possibility. The Air Z consists of carbon nano technology woven nanoplus carbon fibres lend strength and stability to the product. This is after a benefit of the Hyper MSG providing superior responsiveness and strength. The Hyper MSG nanoplus is a unique grade and form of carbon fibre that has been made possible thanks to Daiwa's global access to the development of very best materials. This award-winning pole is fitted with PTFE bushes allowing a control threat of elastic at the business end of your pole. All No3 sections fitted with PTFE nose cone that assists with even smoother elastic movement and importantly protects the elastic when kits are folded for storage. The pole also has interlastic side puller to aid retrieval. The Air Z represents a true leap in weight reduction and improved performance making the commute lighter but the lifting of the poles over the bank a breeze. The Air Z includes a V-joint which is made from bias carbon wrapped at 45 improving the curve and action of the pole when under compression on the cast and the fight. The V-Joint's Bias carbon has perfect shape memory returning to its original position as soon as the force exerted on the blank is lifted. This package has a section alignment system to make the set up of the match quick and easy so you can get fishing in a hurry. There is also a diamond satin slide easy to finish on sections 8 9 10 and 11 and ITS on sections 5 6 & 7. The More Match Kit Pack Includes: 2x Match Top 4 Kits Kit Fitted with 3mm PTFE Bush and No.3 Nose Cone 4x Match Top 3 Kits Fitted with 3mm PTFE Bush and No.3 Nose Cone 3x DILPK4.7-AU Fitted with 4.7mm PTFE Bush No.3 Nose Cone & Interlastic puller and 1x DILPK5.8-AU Fitted with 5.8mm PTFE Bush No.3 Nose Cone & Interlastic puller.There is one PHEX5 that provides a strong extension and a zooming cup kit with a pole cup set for your baits. Also included is a holdall to protect all this gear when in commute from vehicle to the bank. So to step it up in performance at your next match consider this More Match Air Z.

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